Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wax Haul Catch Up: Starry Skies

Starry Skies is another fabulous vendor that opened earlier this year that I have fallen in love with and keep ordering from again and again. Like I mentioned about The Scented Squirrel in a previous post, I also value Starry Skies for the same reasons: excellent and consistent quality products, unique blends that perform well and standout customer service.
This is my largest Starry Skies order in a while; she comes up with so many creative new blends for each opening plus I always have to reorder a few of my favorites. I was super excited to try her linen sprays this time around which I had heard raves about. They had sold out quickly the previous few restocks. I love that Lorena the owner takes a lot of input from her customers and makes larger quantities of poplar items so that more people get the chance to try them. I have not melted any of the wax from this order yet, but I have been using the linen sprays on my pillow at night and they are fabulous! High Tea With Emily (pumpkin cupcake + tea & cakes) is one of my favorite Starry Skies scents. One or two sprays leaves a nice strong but not overwhelming aroma on fabric. This is a most delicious pumpkin and rich warm tea & cakes blend. Yum! The Leaves spray is also very nice. It is a little sweeter than the BBW version in my opinion, but I still get lovely notes of crisp apple, freshly fallen leaves and clean air.
Overall the dozens of wax scents I've melted from Starry Skies usually have moderate to strong throw and smell delightful! She usually sends 2-6 free samples in my orders as well! I am happy to continue ordering from Starry Skies.

Have you ever tried Starry Skies wax? What are your favorite products and scents?

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  1. I think I may have tried a few from gifts from you. The linen sprays sound nice. I am a sucker for a good linen spray. Glad you could treat yourself at the end of the year. <3 Enjoy your goodies. Looking forward to the reviews.