Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wax Advent Day 4

Today's wax advent scent is Iced Cranberry Tea & Cakes- cranberry, apple, vanilla, warm tea and fresh cake. I was super excited to see this scent because I love tea & cakes blends! On cold the cranberry is most prominent with a touch of warm spice tea and rich bakery. A very harmonious and pleasing blend.

Yesterday was one of my favorite sales of the year: Bath & Body Works $8.50 candle sale! At first I was bummed that my husband was at work with the car and I wouldn't be able to go. Then a sweet lady who I originally met on an online bath and body forum and became friends with in real life offered to pick some up for me! Much to my surprise she wouldn't let me reimburse her and made them a Christmas gift! She made out with quite a haul and got lots of gifts for others as well.
These are the four scents I got. There were many others on my list that were sold out, but I'm so grateful for the ones I will receive!

I am incredibly blessed to be a part of many great online bath, body and wax communities with wonderful ladies who will help each other out and give support and gifts out of the kindness of their heart. Today I am supremely thankful for good friends, common interests, and the internet. I'm definitely a believer in something like karma: the good vibes you put out into the world you will receive back multifold. 

Did you get anything at the BBW candle sale? Have you given or received kindness lately?


  1. I did not partake in the sale and now am kicking myself after seeing what everyone else got. Gah!

    I received a very kind and generous birthday gift from a dear waxy bloggy friend yesterday. I will be returning that kindness for her birthday this month as well. =)


  2. HOW SWEET! I love that someone did this for you Amanda. And what great picks! I did get a few candles. I bought five to maximize my coupons. And yes, I did receive a kindness recently, and it was from you. Thank you so much for the box of wonderful you sent me. I love it all. <3