Thursday, December 22, 2016

Wax Advent Day 22

Today's scent is Whipped Cream Topped Spiced Pears- pears, spices, musk, white pachouli, and whipped cream. I like this one a lot, it's a nice crisp and spicy pear scent with a touch of creaminess.

Happy Winter Solstice! Did you enjoy the first official day of winter yesterday? It was chilly here but not below freezing like last week.

I've received a lot of packages in the last couple of days and many of them are items I want to do posts about. I will try to catch up on those posts over the next several days but for now I want to give thanks for a sweet wax goodie package I received. I first got to know the wonderful author of The Candle Enthusiast bblog when she participated in the Fall Fun Series and have enjoyed reading her musings ever since. She sent me a lovely package of waxy goodies and did an excellent job of choosing scents and vendors I love. Many thanks!

Speaking of packages, I decided to show a little thanks to my local postmaster because she does such a great job! I've probably sent and received hundreds of packages in the past couple years and none have been lost. So naturally I am bribing her in hopes that it will stay that way. ;) I picked up this scrumptious looking Hershey's box of chocolates and a pretty tin of vanilla tea for her, both of which are available at Walmart for around $5 each. I know Walmart can sometimes have a bad rap, but honestly they have many wonderful and inexpensive gift ideas if you actually have good taste at picking them out, haha. (No one will be receiving a singing bass or humorous beer cozy from me.)
Do you like to give gifts to the public servants in your community? Postal workers, doctors and nurses, teachers, fire and police? I think it's nice to show appreciation to those whose jobs make our lives a bit better. Whether it's a gift, a meal or a heartfelt "Thank you for your service." Tis the season to give as well as receive.

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