Monday, December 19, 2016

Wax Advent Day 19

Today's scent is Winter Candy Apple- apple, pineapple, orange, neroli, cinnamon, sandalwood, musk, bamboo and patchouli. The Bath & Body Works scent is one of the few I don't actually care for. The apple is synthetic and plasticy to me. The Scented Squirrel version is a bit more pleasant; spicier and warmer. Not my most favorite scent, but improved.

Yesterday was quite uneventful. I have a busy week coming up so I was glad to get a few things done around the house. I mainly watched the Food Network all day and now have hardcore cravings for seafood and gourmet grilled cheeses.

The other highlight of my day was this Gingerbread Tart from The Bathing Garden. It is both delicious smelling and beautiful! Such a realistic gingerbread scent with strong throw.

Tried any great new recipes recently? What have been some standout wax melts for you?

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