Monday, December 26, 2016

Post Christmas Wrap Up

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday celebration! I have to say for myself and my family, this goes down as one of the best Christmases on record! I am blessed to be very close to my family and my husband's as well, and many of us live within a few miles of each other so getting together for the holidays is a breeze. We usually do four rounds of gift openings. Christmas Eve is spent opening gifts with hubby's grandparents. They have a beautiful tree and other Christmas decor.
My hubby gifted me a fun light up necklace and the family got a big kick out of it. I went casual with my blanket scarf and reindeer leggings.

Christmas morning first thing hubby and I open our gifts to each other. He got me a book I had wanted; I'm a little late to the party on The Girl On The Train but I'm excited to crack it open. I also adore this stunning opal bracelet he got me! Opal is my birthstone and it matches the opal ring he got me for our 5th anniversary. Way to go hubby!

Then we went next door to the in-laws house and opened gifts with them.

Santa was good to everyone this year and we all got a ton of stuff we wanted and needed. I got a plethora of Bath and Body Works lotions and a gift card which I plan to use on candles and handsoaps at the semi-annual sale. I also received these super cute and comfy slippers.

I got ready and put on my super festive holiday party outfit. I said I felt kind of like an elf ballerina, haha!
My tulle skirt was a bit more... er, voluminous than I had been expecting. And of course the light up necklace made a second appearance.

My parents, brother and uncle came over and we did the final round of presents. I received gift cards and See's chocolates from my uncle, some beautiful nail polishes and a handcrafted abalone bracelet from my mom and Mainstays scented candles, butter cookies and pistachios from my dad.

My most favorite thing was that everyone seemed to love the gifts I'd picked out for them. Then we all gathered to have Christmas dinner. I fail to take a photo of the food every year, but it's always supremely delicious! Everyone talked and laughed for several hours and hubby and I finally went home and watched TV on the couch in our pj's and new slippers.

Do you celebrate Christmas or any holidays this time of year? What are some of your family traditions?

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  1. Glad you had a nice Christmas. Sounds like you got a ton of nice things!

    Christmas was nice here as well. We got together at my brother's house, although there was some mild family drama when most did not show up. We had fun though.

    Do you do anything for New Year's? We don't anymore. Heck, we're usually in bed before 9pm. lol