Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Wax Advent Day 14

Today's scent is Winter Berry- currant, Juniper Berries, Holly Berries, Vetiver, Pine and White Musk. This smells as I thought it would: fresh and green. A very pleasant winter greenery scent.

Yesterday I made a few more holiday impulse purchaces. Due to our small living space we usually don't have a Christmas tree and I had no intention of getting one, but when I saw this little guy in the grocery store for $8 I couldn't pass it up. It had a whimsical dusting of glitter and a vague piney scent and tabletop trees are cute, right? I like that it's alive too. Apparently it's a European Christmas Tree and if I plant it after the holidays it can grow up to 8 feet tall! That would be an interesting experiment.

Then at Walmart I decided to get this metallic owl wax warmer to send to my cousin in Las Vegas as a Christmas gift. Isn't it fancy?? Plus the wax dish is covered by the owl so I'm hoping her cat won't be able to dip a tail or paw in it. To you waxies with kitties; do your cats bother your warmers? She has never melted wax before but like almost all women loves good smelling things, so I'm hoping she'll like it. I have already converted my brother-in-law to vendor wax, so I think if I can do that I can get anyone hooked, haha!

I will leave you with this last lovely image. Sometimes I can't even with this man; I love him so much!

Have you made any last minute holiday decoration or gift purchases? Have you ever gifted a newbie a wax warmer? Did they like it?

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