Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wax Advent Day 15

It's hard to believe December is half way over and there's only 9 days of advent melts left and therefore only 9 days to Christmas! Today's scent is Apple Streusel- apples, cinnamon, sugar, cloves, brown sugar, caramel, maple, sugared vanilla and graham crackers. It's just as I hoped, sweet and cinnamon spiced apples and flaky pastry. Yummy.

Every year before Christmas my best friend from high school and I have the tradition of getting together, catching up, having dinner and exchanging gifts. This was the first year she was also married so we made it a fun couples night! She made yummy homemade burritos and we exchanged gifts. We are both feline lovers so I got her super cute cat earrings and this adorable sign.
We must have been thinking on the same wavelength because she also got me a cat themed item: these adorable cat nail stickers, along with a beautiful polish gift set! It's so funny that in all the years we've been doing this, this is the first year the gifts were cat themed!
Then we all played several rousing rounds of The Oregon Trail card game. So much 90's throwback nostalgia! It was quite fun once we got the hang of the rules, thought I can't say our poor wagon train ever made it to Oregon. It really is very challenging and there are a few sudden death cards in the mix. That dysentery'll getcha.
If you would like your very own Oregon Trail game, they are available exclusively at Target.

Do you have any holiday traditions or get togethers with friends? What are your favorite fun activities to do together?

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