Sunday, December 29, 2013

OOTD: French Influence

The simplicity of this outfit makes me feel so chic, similar to the minimalism and attention to detail of classic French style.


Crochet Beret: Forever 21 $5
Infinity Scarf: Kmart $7.49
Chunky Gray Sweater: Walmart $9.88
Striped Shirt: thrifted $4
Jeggings: Dollar General $14
Leopard Loafers: Dollar General $8

Grand Total $48.39

Saturday, December 28, 2013

OOTD: '90's Grunge Modernized

Some people will probably look at my outfit and think '90's grunge throwback, lol. For me it's just a combination of several pieces that I like.


Hat: crocheted by me
Scarf: Old Navy $6
Plaid Shirt: thrifted $3
White Tunic: boutique $22
Leggings: Sears freebie
Boots: Kmart $29.99
Watch: $9.99
Bangles: antique
Leaf Necklace: Jc Penny's $8.99

Grand Total: $78.96

Friday, December 27, 2013

How To Style: Jeans and Ankle Boots

Jeans and ankle boots are easy to wear in the winter, but how can we keep them from being boring? I went with use of color, print mixing, and layering in these outfits.


Yesterday's OOTD:
Scarf: boutique $12.99
Black Thermal: Walmart $6
Pink Tee: Old Navy thrifted $3
Jeans: Walmart $19.97
Moto Boots: Kmart $29.99
Grand Total $71.95


Today's OOTD:
Cardigan: Walmart $14.97
Striped Shirt: gift
Cami: Walmart $5.88
Necklace: $5.99
Boots: American Eagle thrifted $6

Grand Total: $32.84

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas OOTD

Hi all, I hope you had a Merry Christmas! DH and I spend ours at our company's terminal getting a lot of non-fun chores done. I was very homesick. The extent of our celebration was Starbucks for breakfast and Ihop for dinner, the only two places that were open, lol. 

We didn't exchange gifts with each other, but did each get to open a gift that my brother thoughtfully mailed us. I got the sci-fi book Hyperion.

My gold dress is my go to holiday dress; wait and see how it will be restyled for NYE! :)


Cardigan: Jc Penny's old
Necklace: Target $16.99
Dress: TJ Maxx $16.99
Belt: Kohl's free
Tights: Ross $5.99
Boots: Walmart $29.97

Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve OOTD

I'm sorry I've been somewhat absent this week, dear readers. I've been under the weather. DH and I are currently driving from Reno to Salt Lake City tonight. We're not doing anything special, but I wanted to look somewhat festive.

I was inspired by this look from the blog Upbeat Soles. She's fairly new to blogging, but has a lovely style.



Merry Christmas, All!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

OOTD: Teal and Leopard

Today I needed something comfy and versatile for doing a lot of physical tasks in cold weather, but also presentable for interacting with DH's coworkers. I'm having a bad week, fashionwise, as well as personally. I'm going to have to return a couple of my recent purchaces due to fit, so that's a bummer, and I went through three outfits before finally settling on this. Not to mention the MUA website has been giving me a lot of weird technical problems recently. So anyway, this is the best I can do today. :) Thanks for looking. 





Friday, December 20, 2013

OOTD: Pastels for Winter Part 2

Today I cold weatherized pastel leggings with a chambray shirt and booties. Will wear with a gray sweater or coat when it gets colder. 




Polka Dot Chambray Shirt: Walmart $14.88
White Tunic: boutique $22
Floral Leggings: $5
Boots: American Eagle thrifted $6
Necklace: $5.99

Grand total: $53.87

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

OOTD: Pastels For Winter Part 1

I read a great blog post recently discussing minimal/capsule wardrobes and also the use of pastel colors in winter. I have since seen images of a lot of great looks that inspire me. I'm kind of cheating, because the 60+ degree weather here in CA feels like spring, so this may not be a true winter look, but I sure do love it!

Here's the post:

Loosely inspired by this pin:

Cardigan: thrifted $2.95
Lavender Tank: Old Navy $8.99
White Cami: Walmart $5.88
Pastel Floral Scarf: .99¢ Always Store .99¢
Jeans: Walmart $19.97
Flats: Kmart $4.99
Earrings: boutique $4

Grand Total: $49.76

OOTD: Love Leopard Loafers!

Now that I'm somewhere without a foot of snow on the ground, (hugz to CA weather) I can finally wear my new leopard loafers!


Cardigan: DKNY thrifted $4
Tunic: boutique $22
Leggings: Sears freebie
Loafers: Dollar General $8
Earrings: old

Grand Total: $30

Monday, December 16, 2013

Crochet Tutorials

Check out my haul! Yarn haul, that is. :)

From left to right:

Light Gray is for this:

Sparkly Charcol Gray is for:

I already have a mustard scarf, so I'm doing charcol instead.

Navy is for:

I bought wooden buttons as well.

Pearly white is for:

Bought some pearls too.

Lavender is for:

Making a dupe of the Anthro Misen Cowl


Similar to navy button cowl:

Exact for Gray Hat:

Exact for yellow braided cowl:

There are only pics for the others, but there are some good videos on youtube about supplies and how to learn the basic stitches. Good luck!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

OOTD: Simple Plaid

It's been a crazy busy couple of days for the DH and I, involving lots of walking, flusteration, and moving of heavy objects. I knew I wanted to dress simply, comfortably, but still presentably for interacting with DH's bosses and coworkers. I had just thrifted the pieces to do this outfit, so I figured why not? 

This is the pinspiration:

Plaid shirt: thrifted: $4
Jeggings: Dollar General: $14
Boots: American Eagle thrifted $6
Earrings: Walmart $1.50

Grand Total: $23.50!

Pics were taken a full 24hrs after getting dressed, so I think the outfit held up reasonably well. Not to mention it was nearly dead on for the items in the pin. Do we like the burgundy/teal color combo of the shirt? I've been wanting red and black plaid but haven't found one yet. Thanks for looking!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

OOTD: Camel And Navy

Part of being inspired to branch out for me is trying new color combos. I used to not be a fan of the tan/beige color family. I mean, really, beige? Ugh, it's just so...boring.
However, looking for a richer shade like camel, this color family suddenly becomes a chic neutral. Paired with contrasing yet complimentary colors such as navy, bright pink, or red, this nude shade is now the previously unsung hero of your wardrobe!

My outfit today is inspired by the color palette in this pin:

Cardigan: Mossimo thrifted $4
Top: thrifted $2.94
Jeggings: Dollar General $14
Scarf: boutique $7.99
Earrings Walmart $1
Boots: Walmart $ 29.97

Grand Total: $ 59.90

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

OOTD: Maxi Skirt For Winter

My turquoise print maxi skirt is one of those pieces I adore but rarely wear because I have trouble styling it. It seems like a very summery piece, but I found some great pins for layering maxi skirts for winter so I decided to give it a shot.



Cardigan: thrifted $4
Camel Sweater (underneath): Kmart $24.99
Braided leather belt: thrifted $2
Turquoise Earrings: boutique $4
Scarf: Kmart $7.49
Maxi Skirt: Zip Chic Boutique free
Tights (underneath): Target $16.99
Moto Boots: Kmart $29.99

Grand Total: $72.46

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Greetings from Billings, Montana! Couldn't find a full length mirror all day, so I had to let DH play photographer. It is snowing in these pics, although you can't tell, and I'm obviously not wearing a coat, so I hope you all appreciate the sacrifice made to bring you this OOTD. :) Please excuse the weird, squinty, snow-is-getting-in-my-eyes face.

My color palette today was inspired by this pin:


I also made this headwrap in about 45 min this morning, so I could keep my ears warm and still wear a bun. It's like the design in this pic:




Cardigan: DKNY thrifted $4
Headwrap: crocheted by me
Gray Tee: Walmart $9.97
Thermal Shirt: Walmart (layered underneath) $7.97
Burgundy Scarf: Kmart $10.80
Olive Jeggings: Walmart $6.97
Fleece Lined tights: Ross (layered underneath) $5.99
Fuzzy socks: :D gift
Moto Boots: Kmart $29.99

Grand Total: $75.70

Thanks for looking!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Words To Live By

Dear Readers, here's some food for thought.

OOTD: So Much Winter...

DH and I are driving through all the coldest, northernmost states in the next couple days: WI, MN, ND, MT, and ID. My goal is to create outfits that are extremely warm, fashionable, and not all similar. I'm pretty happy with today's look and I feel like I found a way to make wearing 90% black not boring, lol.

I was loosely inspired by this pin:


Hat: crocheted by me (the earflaps are super warm)
Floral scarf: Kmart $7.49
Sparkly Waterfall Cardi: thrifted $4
Braided Leather Belt: thrifted $2
Plaid Shirt: thrifted $4
Black leggings: Sears freebie
Black fleece lined tights: Ross (layered underneath) $5.98
Gray fair isle bootsocks: Ross $2.59
Black faux fur lined snow boots: payless $60

Grand Total: $85.07

Sunday, December 8, 2013

OOTD: Shoutout To Fashion For Giants

Today's look was inspired by a fabulous blog I've been reading lately called Fashion For Giants. Gracey, of said blog, has a lot of great styling ideas and looks for tall women, plus sized women, and really, many tips that work for all women. Go visit her site at:

Gracey's look:

This is mine, with the progression of layering for the subartic temps. :)

Cardigan: Mossimo thrifted $3
Dress: Old Navy $22.99
Thermal shirt (layered underneath) thrifted $2.95
Burgundy Tights: TJ Maxx $5.99
Fleece Lined Tights: Ross $5.99
Boots: Walmart $29.97
Belt: Walmart $4
Crochet Hat: made by me
Hideous but warm puffer coat: gift
Thinsulate lined gloves (not pictured) JC Penny's

Grand Total: $74.90