Friday, December 30, 2016

Wax Haul Catch Up: The Scented Squirrel

I must have ordered from The Scented Squirrel nearly a dozen times now since they opened several months ago. In them I have found a vendor with high quality and lovingly crafted wax, unique scent blends, speedy next business day shipping for RTS and most importantly excellent and personable customer service. I would consider Jess, half of the husband and wife duo, a wonderful online friend. She is always such a pleasure to interact with and her products deliver exactly what they promise. I usually get moderate throw from the wax, with a few scents being quite strong, but it is the whole package of the business that keeps me ordering again and again. I highly value consistency and reliability in a business.

My latest order was rather small but contained some great treasures! I am absolutely "over the moon" about the Marshmallows Under The Moon scent. On cold it smells like the most rich and wonderful warm toasted marshmallow and vanilla with a pinch of exotic spices. I can't wait to melt this one! A favorite that I repurchased is the "Winter Sweater" blend. It is similar to BBW's Sweater Weather scent and is so strong! I will be melting the "Cheers" scent tomorrow to celebrate New Year's Eve. And I must mention the free Rose Jam type sample that smells absolutely heavenly!

I have just put in a custom order for a mini wax loaf and some body sprays. I'm very excited to share the scents with you so check back in a couple of weeks for that post!

Have you tried The Scented Squirrel? What are your favorite scents?

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