Saturday, March 11, 2017

NOTD: Hand Painted Roses

This is 2 coats of OPI Sailing & Nailing It with hand painted rose accents of OPI What's The Double Scoop, I'm Sooo Swamped, and Wet N Wild Undercover. This mani took about 3 hours but it was totally worth it; I love how it turned out!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

NOTD: Tonic Polish Rainbowfish

So glad I found it! Can't believe I put it back in the wrong section of storage and spent like an hour looking for it. 

Anyway, it's amazing! 2 coats.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

NOTD: KB Shimmer Blue Topaz

Absolutely incredible; looove it! Formula is a little thin so I had to be careful not to get a ton on my brush and sort of dab it on. Other than that it's fabulous! The glitter is highly saturated; I probably could have gotten away with one coat but did two. 

Band of Bloggers March 2017 Vol. 15

Welcome to the March edition of Band of Bloggers!  Hopefully this month begins to bring more temperate weather and the first signs of spring! In my neck of the woods, conditions have been alternating between crazy heavy rain/high winds and beautiful sunshine and blooming flowers. I hope the weather will stabilize a bit this month. Since the month of March usually holds the first signs of spring, that begs the question:

What scent are your favorite scents to melt and wear for spring?
Are you a fan of traditional spring scents such as florals, fresh/clean, earthy, herbal, etc?
Do you consider yourself a seasonal melter (melting scents traditionally associated with a particular season in that season?)

I myself do like many traditional spring scents. I like several florals, my favorites being rose and violet. I don't care for some super strong, overly "perfumey" florals though; some can just be too much. I like fresh scents like rain and breezes as long as they don't smell artificial. I despise anything that smells like a harsh air freshener or laundry detergent. I also enjoy many herbal and green scents, especially things like a well done version of grass.
I feel I do like many of the scents traditionally associated with each season and I like melting scents that I haven't melted in a long time, but I'm not a strictly seasonal melter because I've been known to melt whatever I feel like when the mood strikes. I'm not above huffing a bit of pumpkin bakery in the middle of spring or melting some coconut in December.

We hope you'll join the fun and leave your own answer in the comments below.
And we hope you'll visit these Band of Blogger blogs and help support the blogger community!

If you are a blogger and would like to join the Band of Bloggers for our monthly posts, please contact us.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

OOTD: Shades of Blue

Blue top: JC Penney
Lace Top: Nordstrom Rack 
Boyfriend Jeans: Old Navy
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff 
Boots, necklace: Walmart 

Glitterati Giveaway Winner

A huge thanks to all who read my Glitterati post and entered my giveaway! I wish I could be the Glitterati fairy for all of you, but alas my stash is not that big. Without further ado, the winner chosen from the comments by random number generator is comment #2: Jennifer Roman! Congrats Jennifer! Please send your mailing address to or DM me on Instagram @thriftypolished to claim your prize! You have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

For everyone else, did you know the Glitterati mystery box sign up is going on right now? Over 2000 sign ups already so it will be quite a wait, but oh so worth it! I'm around number 1300 or so, so I should be getting my wax around this time next year, haha! I hope you all got a better spot on the list than I.

If you're still dying to get your hands on some Glitterati, make sure your check out the flash sale this Sunday from 3-3:30pm EST. She has been doing 15-25 spots instead of the usual 10, so more chances to win! Link to Glitterati Facebook group here.

Monday, February 27, 2017

NOTD: FUN Lacquer Celebrate

There's nothing more eye catching than a shifty duchrome with a sprinkling of holo! 2 coats FUN Lacquer Celebrate.