Saturday, November 30, 2013

OOTD: Print Mixing

Often two or more prints worn in an outfit clash and don't look good together due to their competition for attention. However, prints in the same color family can often be worn together with harmonious results. You're also better off sticking to just two printed pieces; no overkill.

Cardigan: clothing swap
Shirt: thrifted
Pants: Walmart
Boots: Payless

1 OOTD 4 Ways

Hi Readers! No black friday shopping for me today, so I'm shopping my closet instead.
The inspo for today's outfit originally came from this pin:

I didn't especially like the belted cardi look when I tried it, so I came up with 4 different looks using different accessories. Feel free to vote for your fave! Also, it's cold and the shirt and sweater have terrible static cling, gah! Does that rubbing a dryer sheet on you thing work for getting rid of static? Any other tips? TIA!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving OOTD

Happy Thanksgiving all! We had a lovely early Thanksgiving on Sunday with our families, and the DH and I will stop at a truckstop serving a Thanksgiving buffet to celebrate again later.

Today I was inspired by these two outfits.

My outfit:
Cardigan: thrifted $2.95
Top: clothing swap
Skirt: Kmart .99¢ 
Tights: Target $5
Booties: Kmart $19.99
Necklace: Target $16.99

Grand Total: $45.91

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

OOTD: Pearls and Plaid

Since I got a pearl statement necklace recently, and I remembered Hello Gorgeous uses hers in many outfits, I decided to be inspired by one of her looks today. I also thought it would look pretty with the plaid shirt/sweater trend, although it's preppier than my usual style.

Sweater: Merona thrifted $4
Shirt: Sonoma thrifted $4
Necklace: Target $16.99
Watch: $9.99
Jeans: Walmart $19.97
Boots: Walmart $29.97

Grand Total: $92.92

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I needed an easy and comfy outfit for moving belongings back into the truck and hitting the road again.


My version:

Vacation Catch Up Post

Hi friends! *waves*
I've been enjoying the heck out of my time visiting family and friends in CA, so here's my catch up post. 

I did some shopping at Target and Kohl's. Here's my haulage:
Limited Edition satchel from Target in Charcol. Loving it so far, very versatile. Also my grandmother was able to fix the broken strap on my black bag, so I have it back as well. :)

Also picked up a clutch type jewelry holder, NYC Eye Palette, Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet, a pearl/bead necklace, (all from Target). From Kohl's I got the Be Delicious perfume and lotion set. With a 30% off coupon it was only $37.60.

My comfy ootd for shopping was inspired by this pin:

The light layers made it really easy to try on clothes, although I restrained myself and didn't end up purchacing any. (Please excuse the smudgy Target mirror.)

We attended our good friends' wedding. I went with my green dress and boots and added the pearl necklace. It ended up being perfect for the country vibe. Most guestse were in jeans or dresses and boots.
The handsome DH and I:

My NOTD was NYC Sidewalkers with Color Mates Glitter Glam.

We had our family's Thanksgiving yesterday; it was a blast!
My OOTD was loosely inspired by this pin:

My version was a big hit!

Monday's OOTD: more visiting with friends and fam before we leave tomorrow.


Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pinspiration Challenge Days 16 & 17: 2 Ways To Style A Chambray Shirt

Day 16: Sleek Black and Chambray
Yesterday's OOTD Pinspiration:

I'm finding new ways to style my chambray shirt. Love this look because it was comfy and streamlined with a bit of an edge. (Please excuse the smudge at the bottom, public mirror.)

Day 17: Animal Sweater, Burgundy, Chambray
Today's OOTD Pinspirations

I borrowed certain elements from each of the above looks. I may have incorporated all the fall trends in this outfit, lol. Animal sweater, burgundy pants, leopard print, moto boots chambray shirt, etc. Hard to get good pics; no mirror today. The DH was kind enough to photograph, but it was windy, so my hair and scarf are kind of everywhere, lol. 

Part 2: Fashion FAQ's Answered

Another collection of photo tutorials for some of fashion's most pressing questions. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

OOTD Pinspiration Challenge Day 15: Feminine Floral

Inspiration from a Polyvore set.

Love the look of the floral with chambray and some great colors added. Didn't have cream tights, so I did plum as it's more fun anyway.

Teal Cardigan: Rue 21 thrifted $8
Floral Top: thrifted $2.95
Brown Belt: JCP $7.99
Chambray Skirt: Kmart .99¢
Plum Tights: Walmart $7.97
Silver Bird Necklace: $5.99
Boots: Walmart $29.97

Grand total: $65.86

Saturday, November 16, 2013

OOTD Pinspiration Challenge Day 14: Black, Gray, Leopard


I always love touches of black, gray, and leopard print in my wardrobe, so this look has all three. Obviously my outfit is more form fitting than hers, and I didn't like the way the brown belt looked, so I did black. Also did moto boots to give it a bit of edge. Thanks for looking. :)
Cardigan: Walmart $14.97
Dress: H&M thrifted $3
Belt: thrifted $2
Fleece Lined Tights: Ross $5.99
Moto Boots: Kmart $29.99 

Grand Total: $55.96

OOTD Pinspiration Challenge Day 13: Luxe For Atlanta

For a city affectionately known as Hot-lanta, I decided to dress up in something a bit more luxe. I love in this Pinspiration thah a slouchy gray tee is dressed up with a lace pencil skirt, statement jewelry, and a chic belt.

For my version I went with booties rather than pumps, and to make it more fall weather appropriate, a cardi and tights.
Cardigan: Walmart $12.97
Gray Tee: Walmart $9.97
Black lace pencil skirt: Kmart $19.99
Burgundy Belt: Walmart $4
Fleece Lined Tights: Ross $5.99
Burgundy Wedge Booties: Kmart $19.99
Leaf Necklace: JCP $10
Cocktail Ring: .50¢

Grand Total: $93.41

Thursday, November 14, 2013

9 Fashion FAQ's Answered

There are a lot of styling questions that are frequently asked, so I thought I'd use my incessant internet surfing for good and provide you with some handy visuals. Enjoy!