Sunday, December 18, 2016

Wax Advent Day 18

Today's scent is Maple Hot Toddy- maple, rum, vanilla and caramelized sugar. It is a delicious and sweet maple caramel scent with a slightly boozy note. It warms my soul; I wish I had the real drink.

Speaking of warm drinks, I have been consuming a lot of hot tea recently. Yesterday was the coldest day of the year; a daytime high of 50° and overnight low of 29°. That may not sound that bad to those of you experiencing single and negative temperatures, but it's bone chilling to me.
Aside from tea, I love a good bowl of soup to warm my insides. Often I will make soup from scratch, but recently I tried this creamy potato soup mix from Idahoan and it's quite good.

I noticed while looking at my phone and doing other activities that my hands were freezing. I have some phone touch type gloves somewhere but they've been misplaced. So I decided to crochet myself some fingerless gloves.
It only took a few hours and although my fingertips are still cold the rest of my hands are quite cozy. I do like that I can still admire my sparkly nails. They turned out pretty well. I think I would use less chunky yarn for a bit more dexterity next time, but I was just working with some yarn I already had on hand. Now my face is cold; should I crochet a ski mask?? Haha.

What items do you like to eat and wear to keep you warm on cold winter days? Do you have any crafty hobbies such as knitting or crocheting? What sorts of items do you like to make?

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  1. Love the chunky/sparkliness of the knit on those gloves. Very dark and glam:)