Sunday, September 29, 2013

Highlights From 9/29/13

Apparently a good fashion blogger should post a daily (or at least regular) OOTD ( outfit of the day). Since I am not particularly good, nor strictly a fashion blogger, I make no promises, only attempts. You will rarely, if ever, see glamour shots of me in designer digs and stilettos staring off onto the distance on a sidewalk or posed ever so casually against an iconic building. If you've expected this, you are reading the wrong blog. I don't have the patience to pretend I'm that perfect.

What you will see is a bunch of instagrammed iPhone selfies. Refer to below.
Today's OOTD

Cardi: Walmart $12.88
Belt: Goodwill Thrifted $2.00
Gold Lamè Dress: TJ Maxx $16.99
Fleece Lined Tights: Ross $5.99
Leopard Ballet Flats: Payless sale $12.99
Bag: random boutique in WV $40.00
Cocktail Ring: Prize Claw! $.50

Also, here are today's purchaces, in case  you hadn't deciphered them from the previous meme filled post. Are you tired of seeing this bird dress yet?

Old Navy Women's Long Sleeved Wrap Dress: Original Price $32.94, Sale Price $29.00, with 25% off coupon code I paid $21.75.

Old Navy Women's Long Sleeved Wrap Dress: Original Price $32.94, Sale Price $19.99 with 25% off coupon code I paid $14.98.

Women's Gauze Scarf in Smoke
Original Price $12.94, Sale Price $8.00,
I paid $6.00.

Oh, and since I'm sort of a travel blogger (and why not, a food blogger too) here's the trucker equivalent of dining with a view in Chicago.

Pic of delicious noms courtesy of my hubby. Basically, we had Panda Express at a Chicago Skyway Oaisis. It's a cool rest stop that is situated several hundred feet above the I-80, so one can fufill his or her lifelong dream of dining above Chicago's rush hour traffic. Scintillating.

And for all you naysayers (fancy word for haters) out there who say Panda is just  Americanized Chinese "fast food," I don't CARE. It's damn good.

So, does this fortune bode well for my blog? I think yes!

My "Life Here At Twentysomething" Miniseries

Good people of the blogosphere, I have been cheating on you. *Gasp*

When I first began traveling, I started guest posting on another blog. But as you are my first love, and I believe in full disclosure, this is what I wrote during the period when I could barely get beyond sweatpants some days.

Life At 13'6.

The Things I Miss

The Things I Enjoy

A Passion For Words

Thanksgiving, Not Wallowing

Is The Economy Harming Our Futures?

Let It Snow...

Home For The Holidays

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Life Through A Lens: February Photo Challenge

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Inspirational Blogger Award: This Contributor's Thoughts

How A Traveling Trucker's Wife Shops

Step 1
Troll the internet for "just that one perfect item!"

Step 2
"Oh Hai, Old Navy"!

Step 3
"Bird print wrap dress, you say?"

Step 4
"And it's on SALE?!"

Step 5
Gets 2 in different prints, because they're

Step 6
Throws in scarf to earn free shipping and because "Gray is the perfect neutral."

Step 7
Realizes she won't go home to pick up the package for 2 more months. 

Step 8
Finds quite possibly the only Old Navy Outlet in the world with truck parking. Hello, Williamsburg, Iowa!

Step 9
Puts together a simple yet fabulous OOTD that said "I'm not trying too hard," for making contact with the outside world.

Step 10
Rereads items' fine print. Realizes the items are all "online only."

Step 11
Searches the interwebz again for coupon codes.

Step 12
Comes up empty handed and reluctantly places order.

Step 13
8 minutes later, a 25% off coupon arrives via email. *facepalm*

Step 14
*Politely* calls the Old Navy customer service dude at 4am...

Step 15
...and gets the total knocked down from $61 to $45.

Step 16
Begins counting the days until home time.
Only 53 more to go...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fall Bargain Wishlist 2013 Edition

I'm baaaaaack!

Hi, good people of the interwebz! I realize I took a bit of an abrupt 2 year hiatus, but a lot has happened since I last posted. I am now a full time traveling trucker's wife (yes, that is a thing). This basically means a wildly fluctuating schedule mixed with exhaustion and a dash of insanity thrown in for good measure. Not especially conductive to blogging, ya dig?

But I've realized a lot about myself recently, out here on the lonely open road. Among other things; I still love writing, I still love fashion, and in turn, I love blogging. I was feeling a bit unmotivated for a while, but inspiration can be found almost anywhere, in almost any circumstance. Hold onto it with a death grip.

 Well, without further adieu, here's my must have bargains for Fall 2013.

1)Women's Faux Leather Zipper Crop Motorcycle Jacket: Walmart $34.88.

 2)Womens Wool-Blend Military Double-Breasted Coat: Walmart $34.88.

 3)Women's French Terry Peacoat Jacket: Walmart $19.88.

 4)Women's Surplice Front Knit Jersey Dress: Walmart $16.88.

5)Faded Glory Women's Military Shirt Dress: Walmart $18.88.

6)Women's Twist Front Cowl Neck Dress: Walmart $16.88.

7)Stitch Women's Cutout Detail Ponte Dress: Walmart $14.00.
8)Old Navy Women's Long-Sleeved Wrap Dresses $29.00.

9)Old Navy Women's Long-Sleeved Wrap Dresses $19.99.

10)Faded Glory Women's Snaz Riding Boots: Walmart $29.87.

11)Mo Mo Women's Tina Pixie Boot: Walmart $29.00.

12)Faded Glory Women's Essential Button Down Cardigan: Walmart $12.54.

13)Signature by Levi Strauss & Co Women's Denim Shirt: Walmart $14.98.

14)No Boundaries Juniors Colored Skinny Jeans: Walmart $13.88

15)Leopard Finished Edge Scarf: Wet Seal $10.90.