Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Wax Advent Day 13

Today's advent melt is Cinnamon Graham Crackers- red Hot cinnamon and graham crackers.
It's a nice cinnamon graham cracker scent, not too overwhelming as this type of scent can be.

The past couple of days have been rather uneventful. Overcast and chilly with lots of fog in the morning. As a native Californian it's hot like 9 months of the year so I often forget what winter feels like, haha. I was taking clothes out of the dryer and putting them away and I seriously considered building a nest and hibernating for winter. The only things keeping me going are my fleece lined slippers, leggings and blanket.

I received this Costco  Fleece Sherpa Throw as a Christmas gift last year and I adore it! It has been the perfect huddling on the couch blanket.

Just last week I purchased these cute Faded Glory fleece lined leggings  in black and festive reindeer print. My store had a 2 pack for $9.

I am also immensely enjoying these Mul Luks fleece slipper boots. I couldn't find them on Walmart.com but my store had them on sale for only $3! All the ladies on my Christmas list are also getting a pair.

Does it get cold where you live? What are your go to items for winter apparel?

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  1. You are too cute. A sherpa and fleece lined burrito. It does get cold here but very very sporadically. It was in the 40-50s early in the week, then got hot (80's) and now going to be chilly Thursday then hot again for the weekend. Doh. So we are having a bonfire Thursday night and roasting marshmallows with the girls. I have to head to Walmart anyway for I will look for those boots.