Thursday, December 8, 2016

Wax Advent Day 8

Today's melt is Gumdrops- holiday spiced gumdrops with a twist of cinnamon and clove. I have to say, this scent isn't really for me. I don't care to eat gumdrops, and I also find the sickly sweet aroma mixed with spice to be oddly unsettling. Oh well, all my other advent melts so far have been wonderful!

Yesterday was very nice. My husband had the day off and we went to go get the oil changed in our car. My husband used to work at that dealership so he's friends with everyone there and enjoys getting to visit whenever we have our car serviced. One of the employees mentioned we should check out a Thai food place that was just down the street for lunch. I'm glad we did; it was delicious! Fresh spring rolls with spicy peanut sauce for an appetizer, my husband had beef pho soup and I had BBQ chicken with cucumber salad and sticky rice. Yum!

What are some of your favorite foreign cuisines to eat? Do you like to try new restaurants or dishes?

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  1. Yes I love to try new foods and dishes from any and all cultures. You Thai dishes look super yummy. I am a big fan of PHO soups. I would like to try more Indian foods (love Tikki Masala) and more British foods. Like traditional Pub fare. Greek food is some of my favorite though.