Sunday, December 11, 2016

Wax Advent Day 11

Today's melt is Mulled Wine- red wine, orange, cinnamon and cloves. I don't usually care for wine scents in general, but this is more of a nice spiced fruit blend. The orange and spice are really pleasant and there's not much of a boozy note.

In other news, I can hardly believe it's only two weeks until Christmas! Normally I procrastinate and wrap gifts on Christmas Eve, but since almost all the gifts I ordered have already arrived and I was getting tired of looking at the growing pile of boxes and mailing envelopes, I decided to go ahead and wrap them today. I was glad that I had saved enough gift bags and tissue from last year that I didn't have to get any wrapping supplies this year! Now I'm going to be staring at this pile for the next couple of weeks. I try to be really thoughtful about the gifts I give and I'm really excited for these to be opened. I only have one person that I can't for the life of me figure out what to get. An elderly family member who basically has everything he wants and doesn't have a lot of hobbies to buy things for. I've given things I thought he would like and have seen them sitting around the house unused later in the year. Going to have to rack my brain on this one.

Have you purchased the majority of your holiday gifts yet? When do you usually wrap them? Do you have a go to gift idea for those you find difficult to buy for?

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  1. Nice!!! I normally wrap by now but I have been scrambling lately. I think I will just wait until I have the week off next week and do it then. Not stress myself out. I hope you figure out that gift. My Pop-Pop sounds like him. My go to gift for him is some type of photo of the girls for him to have, in the past I have done: calendars, coffee mugs, and photos in frames. This year he gets a mouse pad with a pic of the girls on it.