Friday, December 9, 2016

Wax Advent Day 9

Today's advent melt is Mistletoe & Ivy- cedar leaf, fir, holly, mistletoe, ivy, sandalwood, vetiver and musk. Honestly I'm not sure what mistletoe and ivy are supposed to smell like. This is another fresh, outdoorsy pine blend to me, similar to Pine Forest from a few days ago. I am surprised at how much I am enjoying crisp pine blends this year.

Yesterday hubby was off again and we wandered the isles of the Dollar Tree. A nice new one opened up in the better part of town; better than the sketchy location available previously. I picked up some pretty shimmer purple polishes from the Kylie for Sinful Colors collection.
I could care less about anything Kardashian, but these polishes are hidden gems. Super smooth formula and so pretty! I also picked up my first tea light warmer, even though I don't need or really have space for another warmer. *shrugs* Wax warmers for only $1 are not to be passed up and I had been wanting to try a tea light warmer anyway. I also found a favorite candle scent from the past; the lemon meringue is sooo good!

We capped the evening with a native specialty; In-N-Out Burger! I am not a big  burger person; In-N-Out are actually the only burgers I will eat. They are so fresh and delicious and I love their special sauce. Plus the fries are absolute perfection! In-N-Out never disappoints and totally lives up to the hype! I honestly feel bad for you if you've never tried it. In my travels I've tried other niche burger chains such as Whataburger, Five Guys and Culvers and In-N-Out reigns supreme! There's just something about the quality and flavor that can't be beat. Plus they are super inexpensive and haven't raised their prices in years, unlike most of their competition.

Do you have a local or regional restaurant chain that you love? What is your go-to dine out meal?

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