Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wax Haul: L3 Waxy Wonders

L3 Waxy Wonders had been on my peripheries for a while now and I fell in love with this blend that fellow waxy blogger Jay sent me. It smelled strong and delicious and at the time I was looking to place a wax order so I decided to give L3 a go. I'm glad I did; everything I ordered smells amazing on cold sniff!

I placed my RTS order on May 27th and it arrived at the post office on June 2nd so shipping took one week. My order arrived securely packaged in two flat rate bubble envelopes and everything was perfectly in tact. Cost of shipping was $6.50. 

I found the wax to be very reasonably priced. First up we have 2 pack bunts between 4.3-4.9 oz for $4.
Cold Sniff Thoughts:
Vanilla Lace Shaving Cream- This one is fabulous! It has the sultry vanilla and musky amber notes of Vanilla Lace Perfume expertly blended with the fresh, slightly masculine vetiver shaving cream. Nice and strong.

Rainforest Sugarcane Shaving Cream- this is more of a true fresh shaving cream blend with a touch of sweetness from the sugarcane. It is quite strong, clean and masculine.

Pistachio Lemon Eclairs- the nutty pistachio note is strong at first and then it is intriguingly rounded out by a sweet and tangy lemon bar type bakery aroma. This blend is really unique and it facinates me. I'm not sure if I love it yet or not but I can't wait to melt it and find out. It waffles between delicious and slightly artificial for me. Strong.

Next we have chunks 2.8-3.2 oz for $2.65.
Cold sniff thoughts:
Fruity Pebbles Mango Sorbet- This is a bright and yummy mixed fruit blend. I definitely get the mango sorbet right away, as well as other fruits. I can't say I get a specific cereal note but it's a really enticing and strong blend overall.

Hello Sugar Fruit Slices- decadent sugared lemon rinds pop against a background of other citrus and tropical fruits. A great version of this popular scent and strong.

Yuzu Satsuma- I've never tried these two scent notes together but I feel like they're made for each other! The spicy, earthy aroma of yuzu combined with the warm, rich citrus of satsuma is fabulous and so unique! Smells strong, can't wait to melt it.

Scent Shots 1.5 oz for $1.75 and a cute 2 oz ladybug shape for $1.95. 
Cold Sniff Thoughts:
Peeps: this does smell similar to those little sugared marshmallow bunnies but I also get a cotton candy vibe from it. Moderate on cold.

Fresh Baked Bread & Pretzels- Wow! This is a super realistic warm and yeasty fresh baked bread aroma. So good I could eat it! Strong.

Grass & Yuzu- a very intriguing and unusual blend. I do like it; it had the exotic spiciness and earthy vanilla notes of yuzu along with the slightly sweet greenness of freshly mowed grass. Thid will be a fun one to test out. Strong.

Free Samples: 3 samples around 1 oz each in cute bunny and flower shapes.
Vanilla Poundcake- a simple vanilla scent, pleasant but generic. Moderate.

Avobath: this has the fresh green powder and bright citrus notes of the original Lush Avobath scent. Fairly strong.

Laffy Taffy- a rather non-distinct fruity candy aroma. Light on cold. I threw it into my tea light warmer immediately upon receiving it and the throw was rather light as well.

The only minor issue with my order is that another tart chunk I had ordered in Twinkies Jet Puff Marshmallow Cotton Candy was oversold and I was promptly notified and refunded within a couple of days. When the rest of my order arrived there was even included a coupon code for $5 off my next order and apology for the trouble, how kind. Other than being a little sad about not getting to sniff the one yummy sounding scent, I am fully satisfied with my first L3 order and would definitely like to order again in the future.

Have you ever tried L3 Waxy Wonders? Do any of these blends interest you?


  1. Hmmm. Is this vendor always open? That TAT impresses me, and the prices look pretty reasonable. I might have to check this one out if it's not a 'stalk me and pray' type opening.


    1. Yes they are always open and many of their products are RTS.

  2. Those first 3 bundt blends sound too fabulous, right up my alley. L3 is known for the fruity goodness, it's not my fave, but always consistent. I've had a pretzel blend, but wasn't crazy about it, however I'm keen to try Jen's baked bread scent, gonna look for it next time. Glad you enjoyed your order:)