Thursday, June 8, 2017

Jessica's Challenge: Wax Melt Cocktail

Jessica over at The Meltdown Blog recently did a really cool blog post combining some unique scents into a wax melt "cocktail" of sorts and challenged me to do the same.

This is a really fun idea! Jessica combined a scent note that she didn't really care for with others that she liked to see if she would like how they smelled blended together so I decided to do the same.

For my cocktail I chose Blood Orange from Hayden Rowe. It is a strong scent that is a bit sharp and tart for me. I decided to see if I could sweeten and freshen it up with some other notes. To accompany it I chose Cream Soda from Live Love Wax Co and Rosemary Mint from 16 Candles. I'm calling my concoction "Blood Orange Spritzer."
As you can see, I loaded my little wax cups up with about 1/3 of each scent. 
I'm pleased with the results. When melting this smells like an orange soda although not syrupy sweet. It's just right. The rosemary mint is not super noticeable; it just helped tone the other scents down. This challenge was really enjoyable; I'm glad I tried a blend I wouldn't have thought of otherwise.

Have you ever melted multiple wax scents together? What are your favorite combinations?

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  1. The scent that would have me unsure would probably be the cream soda with it by itself. Blended with other things would probably work though like this. I am glad the blend worked out for you! Thank you for participating!