Thursday, June 1, 2017

Band of Bloggers June 2017 Vol. 18

Toes in the water, sunshine on the skin, evenings spent watching blinking fireflies or brilliant fireworks, all the little indulgences that only summer can bring. As it's arriving soon (in the northern hemisphere), for June, we want to know the special ways you indulge during the summer months. Any activities you look forward to? For some, it involves dodging bugs to searching for respite from soaring temps. But for everyone it means longer daylight hours. What is your summer indulgence?
During the hottest summer months I love to go somewhere cooler such as the beach or lake. Beautiful scenery, cool waters, fun water sports and activities. There's nothing more indulgent to me than letting go of all my cares, dipping my toes in the water, munching on some BBQ or an ice cream cone, and taking in a beautiful view.
As far as bath and body care goes, I love a great lightweight body cream or aloe lotion in the summer for their cooling properties. BBW Oah and Beach Nights are two of my favorite indulgent summer scents. I find it more difficult to enjoy wax and candles during the summer months due to the heat, but I enjoy a lot of tropical and fruit blends usually in the morning and sea breeze, lavender or herbal blends in the evening.

Continuing with gratification, what's the most indulgent fragrance purchase you have ever made or been gifted? A special bottle of perfume, exclusive wax opening, or pricey, fancy pants candle?
A sweet gift that comes to mind is that the past few Christmases my husband has gifted me pricier candles that he knew I would love but wouldn't normally purchase for myself. Favorites have included Diamond Candles, WoodWick and Nature's Wick.
I have also received many generous goodie packages from fellow wax lovers and discovered some of my favorite scents and brands through those boxes of awesomeness. A huge thanks to everyone who has thoughtfully sent things my way!

Lastly, how would you indulge if $ was no object? It could be a luxe fragrance you desire, a pampering spa package, a legendary retired scent, etc. What is your dream way to treat yo' self?
I've always wanted to receive a professional massage and have a spa day, so that sounds like a grand idea! If money was no object I would also order whatever bath, body and wax that I wanted. I guess then I'd have a large enough space to hold its bounty too!

Please, feel free to answer these questions in the comments section below!
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  1. Your summer activities sound wonderful! BBQ mmmm... now I am craving BBQ.

    I love your indulgent choices. Hoping one day that bigger space comes true for you!

  2. I find that candles and the like can get a little oppressive in the heat as well, and I err towards stuff that's SO not my usual (like Pink Sands blends, for instance, which smell light and fresh and summery to me, but are generally not my all time favourites.) Your beach and BBQ plans sound lovely - I concur with Julie, I'm now hungry, and there's NO good BBQ around here. :(

  3. Your summer indulgences sound fun and perfect for enjoying the season. I love to soak up that sunshine myself. I understand not burning a lot when it's warm out, but since I tend to stay up later during the summer, I end up burning through my usual amount. Can't wait to get my beachy burns going soon.
    You must get a professional massage sometime! Everyone deserves that indulgence at least once:) Happy summer!