Saturday, June 24, 2017

NOTD: Pineapple Nail Art

I'm still hating the heat but I do love me some bright summer colors and pineapple nail art.
I've adapted to doing manis earlier in the day which is not my favorite because I'm not much of a morning person. The sacrifices we make for our art, haha.
Fortunately no more heat casualties since I temporarily rehomed my polishes.
Also glad temps will be in the 90's next week instead of 105-110.

Anyway, I love this mani and it makes me happy! The polishes are all wonderful smooth formulas. Gold is Zoya Tomoko, coral is NWP Watermelon Bubblegum, blue is OPI Sailing & Nailing It, Yellow is SC Bananappeal, green is OPI I'm Soooo Swamped. The nail art was really easy to do, I just painted on diagonal stripes in a hash mark pattern with an art brush and added a little green at the top for the pineapple leaves.

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