Sunday, June 11, 2017

Belated Sniffs: Guess Dare

This one wasn't included in my original "belated sniffs" post but I'm sneaking it in here because it recently arrived in my May Target beauty box and I wanted to try it.

This is something I would expect from a mainstream perfume brand, that is to say it's "perfumey" but not cloyingly so. It's actually a more subtle fragrance and I think it could be unisex as it's not too masculine nor overwhelmingly feminine. It opens with a slightly masculine, musky accord but then dives right into dark, dusky fruits to me. A light touch of white floral rounds it out.

The notes of this one are:
"a blend of kumquat, lemon blossom and pear blossom, adding up to cactus blossom in the heart surrounded with wild rose and elegant jasmine. Base notes provide the exotic scent of coconut accords, while blond wood and musk soften the composition in subtle way."

I like to sniff fragrances and form my own impressions before I look up their notes, so I see I was pretty close here with the main notes of musky, fruity and floral. The silage is moderate; I kept caching whiffs of it but it sat fairly close to the body overall. I get the feeling it would trail me a bit more if it were sprayed on rather than dabbed on. It lasted about 3 hours on me but the drydown was rather flat. It lacked the fruit and was mainly musk with the white floral taking on a slightly metallic tone towards the end. I like this fragrance quite a lot on me, but am not in love. It's not quite special and intoxicating enough to captivate me as some more unique fragrances are. I'll definitely use the sample from time to time but probably wouldn't purchase a full bottle.

Do you have any favorite mainstream perfumes or perfume houses?

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