Sunday, June 4, 2017

Belated Sniffs: Love Potion Perfume Atlantic Shore

Without knowing anything about this fragrance I thought it would be be a fresh, aquatic type. It did have elements of that, but also a complex greenness to it. When I read the notes it made sense.

"Lettuce leaf, bladderwrack, olive blossom, green coconut, vanilla and guavaberry."

The opening lettuce note was very familiar; I had tried a wax tart called Fresh Lettuce recently and this fragrance reminded me of that. It was an unusual green note to me, a little sharp, reminiscent of bug spray. It wasn't extremely unpleasant but didn't captivate me either.

The mid notes were fresh and aquatic to me, leaning a little "ocean breeze laundry detergent." Slightly artificial, a little powdery, but surprisingly not intolerable. I think my taste has been adapting slightly; there was a time when I would have immediately scrubbed off anything that ventured into detergent or air freshener territory. Now I'm just like "meh." Not great but not terrible.

This fragrance had fairly close sillage; it didn't seem to radiate out from the body. It was also rather fleeting for a perfume oil and only lasted about 2 hours on me. The final drydown was a clean, powdery musk which was my favorite stage of this fragrance. My nose did not detect the vanilla or gauvaberry notes at all, and I can't say that I even have any idea what "bladderwack" is. I'm even afraid to Google it...

Overall this fragrance was not really for me and I will probably rehome it to someone who might enjoy it. I am glad I tried it and would be interested to try other Love Potion scents. Their packaging aesthetic is very pretty and vibrant and their blends sound fascinating and whimsical. If you wish to check out Love Potion Perfumes, their website is currently under construction but you can browse their Etsy site here.

I have one other Love Potion fragrance to sample, as well as several other untried samples in my "Belated Sniffs" saga.

Does Love Potion Perfumes intrigue you? Do you like these mini perfume reviews?

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  1. I am not big on most aquatics. I am very picky about them. If they are too sharp or chemical smelling, I am like you, I don't want them on my skin. It is cool that you are broadening your tolerance. It helps find new treasures. <3