Saturday, June 10, 2017

Summer Fun: The County Fair

I've attended the local county fair every summer since I can remember and even though it's not the largest or grandest fair there is, it's an event I always look forward to ushering in the start of summer.
We always park in the free dirt lot with a view of the ferris wheel, one of my favorite rides.
Ironically from atop it's dizzying heights it has a perfect view of the cemetery across the street. I recall telling a friend terrified of heights that that's where they sent the people that fall off the rides. Terrible, haha.

It was unusual weather for the fair week this year; normally it's quite hot with bright blue skies but this time it was cooler and ovecast and slightly humid. The clouds were moody and mercurial all day.

At the main gate local businesses set up tables giving away information and free swag. There were some exceptionally good freebies this year, everything from the standard totebags and pens to more fun items like hackey sacks, sunglasses, sunscreen, hand sanitizer and even a free healthy recipe book. There were also snacks such as granola bars and water and juice. My family loves the freebies.

After entering we usually go straight to the art and photography building. My parents and I have entered photos in the fair in past years but this year we didn't. My good friend did though and one of her photos took a 3rd place ribbon. Another of hers is up for a viewer's choice award where fair goers have the opportunity to vote for the best photo representing summer. I cast my vote for her adorable nephew playing on the lawn.

We always walk around and see a lot of different exhibits. One of my mother and I's favorites is the garden and floral displays. I went a little crazy taking photos of it; they had some especially pretty lights this year and I'm a sucker for anything shiny.

As I kid and teen I used to go on lots of rides, but as an adult I haven't done that recently. No particular reason; I'm just getting boring I suppose. Seeing the sights, entertainment and food just sound more appealing to me. Not to mention much less expensive. We were able to get free admission by donating cans to the local food drive, and they have a music concert every night that's also free. This year's was particularly entertaining; they had a Michael Jackson performer that looked, sounded and danced like the real thing! The stage was really beautiful in the setting sun.

I took some videos of my favorite MJ songs to show you guys, but I tried for hours to upload them and Blogger just wasn't playing nice. Sorry about that.

After the concert and purchasing my traditional bag of cotton candy we headed home, taking a tour of the lights and sounds of the midway on our way out. I just love the way the fair looks at night.
A pretty tame carnival experience by most standards but we enjoyed it.

Do you enjoy attending the fair or any other festivals during the summer? What are your favorite fair activities?


  1. Carnival time! Super fun, great pics. Can't blame you for steering clear of the rides, though - I can't do them either. Not those kind of round-and-round rides anyways. I'm good with roller coasters and other fast things, but put me on the Tilt-a-Whirl and I'm Tilt-a-Hurling.

  2. I love those night pics! Makes me want to hit up a fair or festival. We don't really have a lot of them in summer in Florida with the heat. Mostly in the fall and around February. Our state fair is in February. I would be tagging right along with you looking at the lights and plants and exhibits rather than riding rides. I get way too dizzy on those things now. Barf. But I would do the Ferris Wheel. Glad you had a nice time!