Thursday, June 29, 2017

Beat The Heat: Cooling Beauty Products

The mercury has been steadily rising in my neck of the woods and I'm looking for creative ways to find relief.

I had received this Masque Bar Soothing Sheet Mask in my last Target beauty box so I stuck it in the fridge and wore it on a particularly warm day. After the initial cold shock it felt great and smelled wonderfully fresh too. Per instructions I wore it for 20 minutes while I watch half an episode of ER. It did make my face feel wonderfully revived and refreshed. I really enjoyed this mask and would repurchase it.

I also love these refresher sprays from one of my favorite indie brands, Haus of Gloi. They've lived in my fridge since last summer and I take one out and spritz it on my wrists, arms and neck whenever I want a cool pick me up. They have pleasant, light fragrances.

Another cooling product I loved was this cooling aloe gel lotion from Bath & Body Works, but I only had a travel sized tube and used it all up last summer. If I could find more I would snap it up. Not only was it wonderfully soothing and moisturizing but it came in one of my favorite BBW scents Oahu Coconut Sunset.
So you have any favorite beauty products you like to use during summer?

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