Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Reader Question Answered: Favorite Indie Polishes

Our next reader question comes from the lovely Julie.
"If you could only keep three indie brand nail polishes in your stash what would they be?"

This is a really tough question; it's like having 369 children and trying to pick your favorite. Haha, no, but really I do love my indies and it wasn't easy to pick a few that I couldn't live without.
My most favorite polish finish is holo; I just love how brilliantly they sparkle. If I had to pick one holo it would be Cupcake Polish's Water You Doing? It checks all the boxes; a smooth one coater, one of my favorite colors and absolutely gorgeous!
This stunner is currently available on Cupcake's website for $13 if you would like to make it yours.

My next choice is a colorful multichrome finish as I'm obsessed with all things multichrome. Pop Polish's Slick Like That. Another great formula and oh so shifty! Available on Etsy for $12.

My favorites list wouldn't be complete without a gorgeous transforming polish topper. Toppers, or polishes meant to be worn over other polishes,  come in many different types but always add pizazz to any manicure. One of my favorite toppers is opalescent. This is Emily De Molly's All The Feelings. Here it is worn over a purple polish. Currently available on their site for the bargain price of $9.

Do any of these polishes catch your eye? Do you have any favorite indie polishes?
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  1. Excellent choices. I love that Emily de Molly - it creates the coolest effect.