Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Belated Sniffs: CJ Scents Dirty Rose

When first applying this fragrance I got a sort of vintage rose aroma followed by a sharp blast of an almost bitter patchouli. It is rather strong and off putting for a few minutes. I also get a gritty mineral smell like those old packets of mixed multivitamins and a medicinal green note, sort of like vetiver. To me this scent is kind of a weird medicinal apothecary brew mixed with an antique rose perfume. I'm not fond of it to be honest. As time went on it became less bitter and a little more powdery, but the notes are rather discordant to my nose. I've heard fragrances described as "screechy" before and I think that would be an apt adjective for this. I guess not all scents can be winners.

The notes listed on the site are "Tunisian Amber, patchouli, rose." I get the rose and patchouli but can't really identify the amber.

The silage of this was fairly close to the body, but I can't properly vouch for the longevity because after an hour I was really not enjoying this scent and did my best to wash it off and apply something else. It felt as though it had become trapped in my sinuses and I could nearly taste it's medicinal bitterness. Not really what I'm looking for in a fragrance. I hope I have better luck with the next samples I test out because I'm starting to get scared of these random fragrance encounters.
I have several more CJ Scents to sample, so hopefully I'll find some pleasant ones.
If you wish to check out CJ Scents, you can browse their website here.

Have you ever tried a scent that you thought you would like based on the note description but it turned out to be a miss for you?

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