Saturday, May 6, 2017

Wax Haul: Pink Mermaids Wax

At the beginning of May I was getting my month's melting basket together for the two melting challenges I participate in and I realized I was out of scents for two of the theme days: shaving cream blends and wedding cake blends. I had the ordering bug, so I must have looked through a dozen different wax vendors sites looking for those types of scents that would be ready to ship so I could have them in time to melt for the theme days. I was not having success with any of my usual favorite vendors, so I finally googled the blend names and low and behold I found them both available from Pink Mermaid Wax Melts! I was familiar with this brand from Instagram, but I had never tried any of their melts before, so I was excited to try a new to me brand.

When browsing their site, several of their 1.5 (approx.) wax melts were on sale for $1.35 each; definitely a fair price. I was very impressed by the adorably decorated wax cups topped with lots of glitter and little wax shapes such as seashells. After I placed my order I received a nice personal message saying that my order was all packed up and would ship out the next day; awesome! 

My order arrived about 5 days after placing it, well in time for my monthly melting challenges. I was so pleased with the speedy shipping and excellent customer service. The wax was very securely packaged in 3 padded envelopes and a ton of tissue paper. Every item was perfectly in tact and the packaging had a lot of cute touches such as fruit patterned ribbons and the free samples came in this hilarious emoji bag.

I ordered a dozen scent shots, most of them being fun summery blends. I wanted to get even more but I had to keep my order reasonably sized. They also had adorable mini pies with mermaid tails for $5 I would definitely like to purchase a couple of those in the future.

I was happy to open my order and find that everything looked as beautifully decorated as it was on the site, and each of the blends smelled wonderful on cold sniff; not a discordant note in the bunch.

I also received 4 free samples: one full sized scent shot and 3 little bags of shell shapes. Two of them were unlabeled but still smell great.
I haven't melted any of these delightful tarts yet but I have two of them in the lineup, so check back for those reviews! If the throw on most performs well, I would definitely love to order from Pink Mermaid again.

Have you ever tried Pink Mermaid Wax Melts? Do any of these blends sound interesting to you?

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