Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Pinsperation: #housegoals

So ever since hubby and I began discussing his career change and moving, I can't stop obsessing about where we might live and how I'd like to decorate our dream home. I've been cutting pictures of things I like and making inspiration collages since I was a little girl, so to have something that's a real possibility is so fun!

I'd like to share with you some of my home decor ideas and it will be exiting to see how these visions might come to life.

Living Room: I've always wanted to have something of a showpiece living room. I want a space where I can entertain and guests feel comfortable and welcomed, but also say "wow!" when they first enter the home. The following is my dream if could design it as I wanted; I'm not sure how much of it I can actually talk my hubby into. He's more of a furniture needs to be comfortable and practical type and doesn't like a lot of "useless" decorations. I like ALL the decorations, haha. I'm hoping we can find a happy compromise because he likes have an opinion about everything. I will probably be doing the majority of the decorating work but he'll need to be consulted for all major purchases. That could get interesting because if I like something and he doesn't and I ask for alternative suggestions, he'll say something like "I don't know what I want but I know what I don't want." Gah, so frustrating!

Anyway, onto the pretties!
Living Room coloe palette: shades of gray, teal/turquoise and plum/radiant orchid. These are some of my favorite colors and I think they could look so elegant but also unique and eclectic in a living area.
The vibes I want the living room to have are modern Victorian meets vintage bohemian.

Sofa: the couch is one of the most important living room pieces and our current one is very comfy but hideous. At the very least I'd like to reupholster it, but what I'd really like is a gray tufted sofa in a modern Victorian shape. I really love the tufted look and would accent it with pops of color with printed throw pillows.

Chairs: I also would like a pair of tuft armchairs and I like the idea of a damask chaise lounge and ottoman. I love cool vintage Victorian chairs as well and might want one or two in the living room and possibly as a vanity seat in the bedroom. I also absolutely need a cozy reading chair or nook; this will depend on the layout of the house but I definitely want to curate a place with bookshelves and a comfy chair or even a window seat.

Coffee table: I have to admit I have gone gaga for this amethyst geode glass coffee table that's been floating around the interwebz, but considering I think they're several grand I will probably have to settle. Our current coffee table is a faux wood monstrosity but it has decent bones so I may be able to repaint it; possibly a dusky teal.

Entertainment and side tables: hubby is going to want a giant flat screen and all the trimmings, which is fine with me, but I want to find a way to hide all the wires and such; I hate how messy that looks. I love the idea of framing the TV to make it look like it belongs and to have some pretty shelving around the unit.
I've also always wanted a grand chandelier and this baroque iridescent one really speaks to me. I'm not sure whether it would go best in an entryway, living room or dining room, but I WILL have one. I'm not too picky about end tables; I'll probably just go with whatever budget or thrifted finds will fit in with the rest of the decor. I do like this DIY idea I saw of spray painting a wire wastebasket a pretty color.

Decor Accents: I really want to add the finishing touches with some quirky, earthy and vintage pieces. I really want to use stones in decorating, especially amethyst, as well as other eclectic and shiny things that catch my fancy. I love multichrome finishes, candles, and I also would love to start collecting carnival glass.

Master Bedroom: Continuing the general color palette into the bedroom, but with slightly heavier influence on bohemian romance and exotic travel themes.

Bedding: I need a white down comforter to sink into, accented with paisley sheets and printed throw pillows. Also a chunky knit throw and a bench seat for the foot of the bed.

I want to do some sort of headboard/canopy with a tapestry, twinkle lights and tulle/lace. Should be pretty easy to DIY and so pretty and romantic!

Window treatments: vintage floral lace curtains with beaded tie backs and a branch curtain rod. I also want to incorporate some sort of hanging clothes rack to display special clothing items.

I really want all my treasures to be on display. The layout of the closet and vanity area will depend on the house, but I definitely need a space to display my jewelry and do my nails.

Lighting: lots of candles and soft lighting, very romantic and relaxing.

Mirrors and other decor: I definitely want a big painted vintage frame mirror above my vanity table, as well as some other small decorative mirrors around the room. I would love to have cute animal pieces here and there, like elephants, owls and cats.

Definitely more crystals, floor pillows, travel accents of maps, globes and suitcases.

Master Bath: this is one room that I know will be husband approved because he's described what he'd like before. The theme will be sort of a nature oasis; lots of stone, natural wood and plant accents.
We definitely want a waterfall shower head and pretty stone tile. I don't hold out much hope that I'll get the giant jacuzzi tub that I want, but I can at least make an ordinary tub more special with a stone tile DIY.

I definitely want a couple of hanging plants; not sure yet if we should go real or faux.

Decor accents will be be pops of green, leaves, wood, plants, bamboo. Anything that evokes lush and relaxing nature vibes.

Kitchen: I want to go with a cobalt, black and white color palette. Chic but still inviting. I'm not sure if I want to a large amount of cobalt such as painting the cabinets blue, or just to have small decor accents of cobalt.

I for sure want gray granite countertops, black wire edison style pendant lights and a distressed wood farmhouse dining table. I'd also like to do something different with the fridge; I thought this chalkboard paint was a cute idea.

I most especially want a coffee and tea area; so cute!

Guest Bedroom and Bath: would you like to be my first guest? If you do, you would be staying in these sunny yellow and aqua colored digs. Lots modern and trendy touches.

The color scheme would continue into the bathroom which would have pretty beach themes accents.

Well, these are the main concepts I have so far. Do you love it, hate it? Please share your thoughts! If you have any suggestions or spot any decor you think would fit in my dream home, please send photos and links!


  1. Amanda, you read my mind, I was going to request that you do a house Pinspiration post, and here it is! I love your d├ęcor ideas! They are definitely your style, very boho yet glam and chic at the same time. I think I like the touches of cobalt for a kitchen, rather than cobalt cabinets--white with splashes of blue will make a kitchen look larger. Just my 2 cents, lol. Have you seen those map wreaths?


    They would go great with your travel theme and would be easy to DIY. I have an old atlas that I've been meaning to make one with, but alas...my list of to-do's is more plentiful than my time. I'm so happy for you and this exciting change in your life--but I'm sad that you're moving so far away. I would have so much fun helping you DIY your new space! :) -Alyssa

  2. Wonderful ideas. :) It's so lovely, the early dreaming phase - sky's the limit. My only tip? Don't undergo massive renovations. And if you do, and if you can swing it, don't try to live at home through them. My husband and I are rock solid, and we very nearly divorced when our entire apartment was under construction - we were two very unhappy people, truly! Small steps, one room at a time. Have places to escape to.