Sunday, May 7, 2017

Shopping: Summer Scents and Decor

May in California is on the cusp between spring and summer weather. The wildflowers are out in full bloom and rainshowers are becoming fewer and further between. The green foothills are already drying into golden brown from the abundance of sunshine. This week has been a temperature roller coaster ranging everywhere from highs of 69°- 96°! It won't be long before the blazing temps are here to stay, so I wanted to get a few items to help me get in the swing of summer.

First I browsed around at Bath & Body Works. I will be saving most of my major purchases for their semi-annual sale starting in June, but I had $10 off $30 and free travel sized item coupons that expired before then, so I wanted to put them to good use. I was in need of some summer candles and the smaller sizes were the ones on sale, so I picked up a couple of those as well as some hand creams and an air freshener refill for the car. I love the marbled look of these candles! Copper Coconut smells of suntan lotion and and creamy coconut, and Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla is a rich, frothy, spicy vanilla that reminds me of horchata. Both delightful!

Even though I don't do a lot of decorating for seasons or holidays, I do like to add a few small seasonal touches to the home. Since the trendiness of this sweet, spiky fruit hasn't seemed to have died down over the past few years, I just had to pick up a few pineapple themed wares. Walmart had this adorable drink tumbler for $3.97 and dish towel for only $1.88!
Have you picked up any new summer fragrances or home decor lately? What are some of your favorite things for summer?


  1. I've been picking up spring/summer scents from Scentsationals/BHG/Mainstays at Walmart but haven't started melting them yet. Why not?? I don't know. Heck we're halfway through spring already, what am I waiting for?! lol

    I was looking at some really cute Memorial Day/4th of July decor yesterday at Kmart. I resisted buying anything though. I used to be so willing to buy all the cute holiday things but my decorating tastes have changed (more minimal now) and I really don't buy much anymore. I did buy a bright and colorful metal butterfly from Walmart to hang by the back door though!


  2. I am loving that pineapple jar! So cute!!! I think the only summer scents I have purchased are some handsoaps from BBW that I have needed. Well, and maybe that Arcana Sand In Your Tail perfume oil.