Thursday, May 25, 2017

Top 5 Favorite Pedicure Polishes

Since summer is always upon us, it's the perfect time to pretty up your tootsies to wear those cute sandals and go barefoot at the beach! I have found certain colors and polish finishes work best on my toes, so I thought I'd share my favorite pedi polishes with you. I generally like creme, metallic and neon polishes on my toes. They apply smoothly, are long lasting and yet don't require too much scrubbing to remove. I also find bright colors pop most with my skin tone. I like to keep my toes painted year round and in winter I will wear some darker colors such as burgundy, but summer pedis are all about corals, turquoise/aquas/ hot pinks, and other brights for me. 

1) Sally Hansen Wavelength -
A gorgeous bright and shiny coral, opaque in 1-2 coats. I've had this polish for the better part of a decade and I still look forward to putting it on every summer! Sadly this beauty is discontinued but you may be able to find a bottle here and there, such as onEbay.

2) Wet 'N Wild Bijou Blue -
Another very old polish that is a favorite! A metallic peacock turquoise with subtle gold shimmer. A steal for .99¢!

3) Sinful Shine Alfresco  -
A beautiful and bright sky blue and a super easy to apply one coater! This is the polish that would survive a nuclear blast; it's very long lasting.

4) Salon Perfect Purple Pop -
An eye catching bright neon purple, opaque in 1-2 coats. Such a fun and durable polish that looks great with a tan!

5) F.U.N. Lacquer The Art of Sparkle  -
This is a newly discovered pedi favorite; I used to not care for glitter or holo on toes  because it was hard to apply evenly and nearly impossible to remove, but this polish worked out fabulously! I wore it for well over 2 months and other than the growth of the nails it still looked great! When I was finally ready to remove it I was able to soak them in water and it peeled right off, so not too difficult. Great coverage in 2 coats and so eye catching! The holo in the sun garnered lots of compliments.

General Pedi Tips:
-make sure you swipe your toenails with acetone before applying polish so that the polish has a clean surface to stick to.
-base coat is not required but is recommended to prevent the polish from staining the nails, especially with darker colors such as blues and purples.
-Top coat is not as important as with fingernails, but it will still help preserve the polish and give it a shinier finish.
If you get a mess of polish on the skin around your toes, you can use an orangewood stick or a small brush or q-tip dipped in remover to clean up around the nail. If that's too much bother, Justin wait until your polish is dry and the next time you bathe or shower you should be able to rub off the excess polish when drying off with your towel.

Do you have any favorite pedicure colors for summer? Do you like to do your own pedicures or have them done? Do you wear toenail polish year round or just in warm weather?

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