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Scents That Won't Quit: My Favorite Long Lasting Fragrances (Part 2)

Next in my favorite long lasting scent series I would like to focus on bath & body vendors.

Taking the number one spot on my list is:

I discovered this vendor several years ago through an online bath and body chat forum and I'm so glad I did! If I could only use one body moisturizer for the rest of my life, Cocoa Pink's body butter would be it. This butter is like finally finding the perfect 3 Litttle Bears porridge temperature: "This one is just riiiight!" Both of their formulas, Coco Mango and Voluptuous are the most decadent creamy formulas that still manage to absorb quickly and are not greasy. The main difference between the formulas is that Coco Mango doesn't contain shea for those with allergies, but they feel nearly identical to me and I use either formula. Both are 100% vegan. The best thing, aside for being an absolute treat for your skin is that the fragrance oils linger on my skin for hours; I've literally never had another scented body butter last so long. It moisturizes and scent me all day; a good 8+ hours. My absolute favorite scent for this butter is Marshmallow Cake On Mondays. It's offered in 2.75 oz size for $7.88 and 4.75  oz for $14.69.
My other favorite product from CP is their Perfume Spray. Their perfume last longer on me and captivates me more than any mainstream fragrance I have tried. My favorite perfume is a dupe of a luscious vanilla fragrance called Tihota. The original by Indult costs $200 for a full bottle, but the CP dupe is dead on accurate and only $17.50 for 1 oz! This perfume lingers for 8+ hours on my skin and has fairly strong silage. I always receive compliments on it. Also offered on the site are 3.5 ml vials for $4, 10 ml for $12.55 and 2 oz sprays for $32.
One more noteworthy CP product is theirs silky soft body oil which I like in the light formula. It is a spray on moisturizing body oil that is perfect for any season and even comfortable in hot summer weather. After a couple minutes it sinks in  well with no greasy residue. The fragrance lasts for a good 4-6 hours on me. This product is not currently available on the site but I would definitely reorder it if it comes available again. Other fabulous CP products I've enjoyed includes their soft bubbles sugar scrub, a very gentle and foaming scrub, and their hair care products. The only CP product that didn't work for me was their deodorant. It wasn't right with my body chemistry and didn't defend against odor/wetness well enough.
These are my most favorite Cocoa Pink scents:
Boo Boo Lemon Noel - CP Exclusive - Lemon Curd and Vanilla Bean Noel.  It’s a wonderful creamy lemon scent.

Breakfast On The Beach - Aromatic Stacks of vanilla waffles, warmed coconut macaroons and thick buttercream swirled with melted sea salt caramel over powder sugar dusted strawberry funnel cakes.

Cinderella’s Carriage – What did Cinderella really wish for? We think it was this blend of Coconut Cream Pie with Marshmallow Meringue, Sweet Pumpkin, Spiritueuse Double Vanilla, and Vanilla Bean Noel. We think this is the REAL reason the prince fell in love, who could resist Cinderella in sexy foody?

Key West Sunrise - Toasted coconut, black vanilla, Hawaiian sandalwood drizzled with pure tropical golden honey.

Marshmallow Cake on Mondays - This scent has it all. It is our bestselling Cake on Mondays scent blended with marshmallow. Do not let the name fool you; this is still a Cake on Mondays scent only a bit softer and sweeter. Original Cake on Monday’s lovers will fall in love with this new updated version.        

Paradise Found - Cool fresh coconut water, coconut meat, tropical palm leaf and large pink hibiscus blooms.

Spun Sugar - A more realistic cotton candy blend with fresh strawberry, sugar and sweet vanilla. 

Strawberry Noel – it just keeps getting better. A perfectly balanced fresh strawberry that smells like real berries (not plasticy bubblegum strawberry), blended with VBN.

Tihota (Indult type) -essence of pure, unadulterated sugared vanilla beans with a soft hint of musk.

Coming in at a close number 2 is:

This vendor does one thing and does It superbly: perfume oils. I was introduced to the fragrance Manor by my sweet enabler friend Julie and instantly fell in love. This was like THE fragrance discovery of 2016 for me, and my love affair has definitely carried over into 2017. I would describe this scent as the richest of vanilla bean extracts mingled with freshly sawed lumber. Heaven! It has a strong sillage that radiates out from the body and lasts for a good 8+ hours. Once I used up my sample had to purchase a 2.5 ml spray vial for $8. It's a bit pricey for a sample size, but totally worth it for my holy grail perfume that is such a good performer. If I had a spare $70 to invest in the 60 ml bottle I probably would. I also purchased a vial of Rose Mallow Cream that I really enjoy as well, but I do have some other similar fragrances that are less expensive. There are many other Solstice Scents that I would love to try in the future.

MANOR* ~ Woody-Vanilla Musk, Vanilla & Glorious Aloeswood. VANILLA/WOODS/OUD

ROSE MALLOW CREAM Moroccan Rose absolute, Bulgarian Rose absolute, Marshmallow Fluff, Strawberry Nectar, White Chocolate, Vanilla, White Musk. GOURMAND/FLORAL

I don't know many indie bath and body connoisseurs who don't love Haus of Gloi. Their pumpkin butters are super popular and they're quite luxurious in their moisture but still light and fluffy and absorb quickly. I currently have 3 pumpkin butter scents in my rotation but my favorite by HoG scent by far is Satyr. This is another one of those love at first sniff fragrances for me; it's so warm and comforting yet exotic and mysterious with it's musk and spices. It's like the softest cashmere throw wrapped in a colorful Moroccan bazaar tapestry. I have it in both butter and perfume oil and it lingers 4-5 hours on my skin. I especially enjoy it in the fall and winter although I crave it at random times too. I will continue to repurchase it as needed.
My other most favorite HoG perfume oil was Coconut #3, a limited edition release that does not seem to have been available recently. Thankfully Julie knew how much I loved it and gift me a whole 5 ml vial! I think I owe many of my favorites to my fragrance loving friend who has excellent taste. But I digress, Coconut #3 smells to me like the most decadent toasted coconut and dark chocolate; like a sophisticated Almond Joy bar. I will be quite sad when it finally runs out. HoG's perfume oils run $2.50 for a sample vial and $12.50 for a 5 ml vial. The pumpkin butters are a very reasonable $4.50 for a 2 oz and $10 for a 6 oz jar. HoG also makes several other bath and body products that I haven't had the pleasure of trying yet, but I have tried and loved their whipped soaps. They are airy and fluffy with lots of lather, leaving my skin moisturized and lightly fragranced.
Here are a few of my favorite HoG scents.

Peach Mama- Peach nectar and a host of resins: offertory frankincense, styrax, copaiba balsam and ambered labdanum absolute. Warmed with cassia and a barely audible breath of black patchouli.

Satyr- Absolutely fiendish creature! And quite frolicsome: Italian blood orange drizzled with blackened vanilla.

Twice is Nice- Sweetest offerings of opulence! Buttery sugar cookie, with shavings of creamy coconut and topped with toasted almond slivers.

Vice- Steam billows rolling off a vessel of fresh made Turkish coffee, marshmallow goo tainted by graham cracker crumbs, toasted hazelnuts and blanketed in black chocolate.

Ghost Puffs- Orbs of buttery popcorn and marshmallow goo, presented on a wooden stick.

Pumpkin Eater- Cream, glowing pumpkin, rich vanilla bean and the tiniest touch of nutmeg butter.  

First Blush- Tahitian vanilla bean, white tea, lavender and peach.
Did you enjoy my favorite bath & body vendors post? Have you tried any of these products or scents? What are your favorite bath & body items? What type of products would you like to see a post on next?

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