Wednesday, May 10, 2017

NOTD: Drag Marble Nail Art

Like basically every polish lover I've always liked the way watermarbles looked but the process seems so tedious and messy so I always shied away from it.
I don't know why drag marble wasn't really on my radar, but it is now and it looks so cool! It took me a few minutes to get the hang of it and use the right technique and tool, but once I did it was quite easy.
What worked for me:
I applied base coat, 2 layers of white polish and top coat and let it dry mostly before I started on the art.

Step 1: 
Dotting tool- no.
Orangewood stick- no.
Tiny damp paintbrush- yes!
 I found the hard tools to be too sharp and they left deep grooves in the polish that I had to paint over. It was frustrating at first because I had seen both used in tutorials I had watched. The fine tipped brush glided through the polish making the proper swirl design.

Step 2: paint thick stripes of colored polish down and don't worry about mess. I did a white stripe down the middle and then 2 colored stripes on either side. Speed and thickness of polish are key here. You want to use a fairly generous amount of smooth formula polishes and you will get a little flooding in the cuticles but you can clean it up later.

Step 3: immediately after applying polish stripes, drag the brush back and forth down the whole nail using a very light touch. If you're too heavy handed it carves into the polish and looks bad. 

That's it! The actual marbling part probably only took 10-15 minutes for all once I figured out the technique. Super easy and fun; I will definitely be trying it again with different dragging techniques to create different patterns.


  1. Cute! On-the-nail marbling is not easy. Hell, marbling of any description (wet/dry) is always something of a nightmare!

  2. CUUTTE! Love your color choices too! All favorites of mine.