Sunday, May 14, 2017

Two Weddings & A Wax Haul

It's been a busy weekend in my neck of the woods. Aside from Mother's Day today, the hubby and I were invited to two weddings this weekend, one on Friday and one on Saturday. I'm exhausted but thoroughly enjoyed myself at all the special events. Weddings make me really sappy; I love the sentiment of celebrating love between two people.

The first wedding we attended brought back a ton of happy memories from my own wedding because it was hosted at the same venue as mine; a beautiful stone clubhouse in a large park by the meandering river. In our super small hometown it's a very popular wedding venue, so it was lovely to see my husband's high school friend and his significant other of nearly 10 years get married. They arrived a lovely couple with two young sons that we've become very close to and go on fun outings with. I admire their parenting skills and also their love for one another. The ceremony was full of happy tears and laughter and hearts were full of joy. Here is the lovely bride and groom. The bride's dress was a stunning Grecian style with a tulle skirt and her hair was in beautiful romantic braids. The groom wore a classic black and white tux.

The bride organized most of the wedding details herself and is super crafty and meticulously made much of the decor. The theme was sort of shabby chic and rustic, fitting really well with the wood, stone and greenery of the venue. The walls and tables were adorned with handcrafted paper flowers, fans and pompoms in silver, gold and other warm metallic tones. There were also pretty touches of lace, tulle and burlap.

Hubby and I couldn't resist taking some romantic selfies in front of the river where we had taken our own wedding photos!
I wore a floral kimono jackets and pink fit & flare dress with a lace slip to compliments the naturally beautiful locale and perfect spring weather.
It was an intimate wedding, only about 50 or less guests and the intimate vibe of family and close friends was so enjoyable. The dinner was catered summer barbecue fare: pulled pork sandwiches, chicken and hotdogs for the kids. Potato salad and grilled corn along with tea, lemonade, wine and beer rounded out the menu nicely. The pulled pork and potato salad were delicious but the corn was rather dry and my piece of chicken looked undercooked so I passed on that. The cake was exceptional though, a nice moist white cake with creamy frosting and raspberry and caramel filling. 
My husband and several other guests gave touching speeches and the whole evening was really wonderful.

For round two, my husband and I prepared the next day to go to the wedding of another of his childhood friends. This one was slightly awkward for us because it was the second wedding of this particular groom's that we had been to in the spam of about four years. We had many fun memories with him and his former wife and really liked her, so it was sad when we heard of their split, and quite surprising that he was getting remarried only a year later. We had never met the new bride until the wedding and though she seems like a lovely lady, it was an odd experience. It's certainly not our place to judge, despite our skepticism of this couple's union, so we did go and were supportive. The venue was a cool outdoor historic ranch with wooden facade buildings, old farmhouses and a rustic barn dance hall. The ceremony took place on a lush lawn and was punctual and brief but pretty and fun loving. The bride and groom were wisked away after the "I do's" by a beautiful western horse and carriage. The bride wore a stunning a line lace gown with long sleeves, a v neck and elegant crystal beading. The groom and wedding party wore a fun, less traditional palette of all black with accents of leopard print ties and belts. I thought that was a very unique and cool idea that I hadn't seen at a wedding before and it managed to look tasteful.
The other decor was outdoor country chic with little touches of leopard. Many of the guests also wore some black, as did I, without even knowing that color scheme.
I failed to get a photo my full outfit, but I wore a cobalt 3/4 sleeved cardigan, a white lace top and a black tulle skirt with a gold belt and wristlet and black lace up flats.
We managed to take a quick selfie in the dance barn, although this wedding was much more fast paced.
This wedding seemed to have been professionally planned and the staff did a great job of ushering the guests from one event to the next in a timely manner. After the ceremony while the wedding party took tons of photos, there was a cocktail hour with beer, wine and popcorn. Then there was a quick and efficiently served dinner of barbecue chicken, green salad, baked potatoes and rolls. There were several funny and heartfelt toasts given and then the couple cut a cute cheese wedge shapes groom's cake and had a leopard print bride's cake to save, while the guests enjoyed yummy chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting. There was then a few hours of lively dancing and conversation. We aren't much for dancing so we did a couple of the romantic slow songs and mingled with the handful of guests we did know. Despite my reservations, it was a really fun evening.

In advent of how busy we knew we'd be this weekend, I spent some time with my mother and showered her with a potted azalea and some beautifully wrapped chocolates, as well as a card and some beauty samples.

I did have my parents over briefly today as well for tea and pastries and it was great to spend time with them.

I'm currently flopped on the couch with heavy eyelids as I write this, but I did want to share something else before I sign off: my recent wax purchases!

One of my favorite vendors is Sassy Girl Aroma and she has such a wide variety of unique blends that I often want to binge on wax on her website, but my budget holds me back. In her last opening on April 29th I ordered only 2 chunk bags in scents I was very excited about. One of my most favorite BBW scents is called Beach Nights. It was released last year and is a gooey toasted marshmallow and graham cracker s'mores type scent with whisps of bonfire smoke and salty sea breeze. I love it in body cream and mist, so when I saw SGA made it in wax form, I knew I had to have it! It did not disappoint; on cold sniff it is a dead on dupe for the BBW fragrance and smells so strong and wonderful!
I was a bit late to the site opening, so a few of the other items I wanted had sold out but I did pick out another unusual and decadent blend of Cake Batter Fudge, Popcorn, Strawberry Noel and Cotton Candy. It too smells scrumptious on cold; and is very sweet but does a good job of allowing all the scent notes to come through. I'm so excited to melt these! I also received a free sample of Gingerbread Brûlée; a pleasant gingerbread scent. I received my order in just over two weeks and was impressed with the speedy shipping and customer service, despite this being SGA's largest restock to date. There are are several more SGA scents I hope to order in the future. Do you like SGA wax? What are your favorite scents?

One last thing before I go: another set of coupons and another round of BBW candles. The 3-wicks were buy one get one free for Mother's Day weekend and with 20% off couple it came out to a fairly reasonable $10 per candle. After sniffing nearly every candle in the store I chose a couple nice warm weather scents. Today I lit up Toasted Coconut which is a bit different to me than BBW's many other coconut scent offerings. Many of their coconut blends are more warm and creamy, but this one is more sweet and dessert like, as with sugared coconut shavings atop a cake. I like it a lot and it has had a fairly strong to moderate throw and burned well so far. I haven't tried my Lemon Mint Leaf candle scent but I am excited to do so as I've read many glowing reviews on it. On cold it is a wonderfully strong and bright lemon aroma with a lighty sweet mint note. So fresh and pretty!

I hope you enjoyed my long and meandering weekend lifestyle post! So what do you think? Do you like any of these scents/products? Have you attended any weddings or other fun events recently? Did any of the decor or other details stand out to you?

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  1. Woah, double wedding weekend! That's like the Olympics of social events right there! How are you still standing? :) Both weddings looked lovely - and how fun that you got to return to the site of your wedding. My husband and I popped by the place we got married last year while out on a little toodle (also a barn, actually!) and it stirred up all sorts of warm and fuzzy memories.