Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Today's Product Reviews

Today in the shower I used Haus of Gloi's whipped soap in First Blush scent. When sniffing it in the jar it was a light but lovely and sophisticated spring floral with top notes of peach and lavender, a mild middle note of sweet vanilla bean, and a round bottom note of fresh and exotic white tea. I was a bit worried that the scent might be too light to enjoy as a soap, but as I lathered with it, it grew to be a moderately strong and wonderful aromatic experience. The texture of the soap is absolutely divine; thick but fluffy and easy to scoop out. I used about a quarter sized amount on a loofah, and let me tell you, the suds just kept on coming! It had a wonderfully rich and bubbly lather that felt like liquid silk on the skin. After I toweled off I noticed my skin was very soft and hydrated and the lovely aroma lingered ever so slightly on my skin. I would venture to say this is the best whipped soap I've ever tried! Overall grade: A. Would love to repurchase in many other scents. Would also love to try the First Blush scent as a perfume oil.

After my wonderful shower experience I immediately applied HoG Pumpkin Butter in Twice as Nice to my arms and legs. In the jar this scent was not quite what I was expecting; it is a moderately and pleasantly scented butter with coconut, vanilla and a hint of nuttiness. I thought it was going to be a super strong and decadent foodie gourmand scent. For example, HoG's Satyr pumpkin butter is so unique, strong and intoxicating; it lingers for hours and could stand alone to scent the body without a perfume. The same could be said for Cocoa Pink's Marshmallow Cake On Mondays body butter which is extremely long lasting and I've been absolutely in love with it from first sniff.
So I thought Twice is Nice would be a similar love at first sniff experience. But actually, Twice is Nice turned out to be an even more unique experience; the longer I wore it, the more I loved it and wouldn't change a thing. It was like suddenly looking at your best friend in a different way and falling in love. (Haha.) I now like that is is a less in your face but still yummy scent that is perfect for layering with perfumes. It is still lingering a couple hours later, so the staying power is excellent. As far a its moisturizing qualities; HoG pumpkin butter is definitely in my top 3 favorite body butters along with Cocoa Pink and Trader Joe's. It feels wonderfully luxurious and sinks into the skin almost immediately with no greasy residue, leaving it feeling like it was naturally hydrated. Overall grade: A. Would repurchase the body butter in a wide variety of scents, and would love to try Twice is Nice in a perfume oil.

After all my skin moisturizing products, my lips needed some love too, so I applied HoG Chocolate Orange lip balm. In the tube it smells light but yummy; a realistic candied orange/rich chocolate blend. It smelled nice when I first put it on but after a couple minutes I could no longer notice the scent. I wish it were flavored, as chocolate orange would be a yummy flavor. As a lip moisturizer it is very effective. The texture is similar to that of Chapstick: very moist and slick, but not overly greasy or heavy. My lips feel soft and it seems to have good staying power. I've taken a few sips of water and it hasn't worn off. Overall this is a nice and functional balm, but I would prefer it to be more highly scented and flavored. For the price of $3.50 I probably wouldn't repurchase it since I can get balms for.99¢ that are just as effective. I do like that it uses more natural, high quality ingredients though. Overall grade B+.

I wanted to make this an all HoG review, but since my HoG perfume oils were missing from my order, I wore a Cocoa Pink Perfume in Spun Sugar instead. I have to take a moment to thank the lovely person that sent this to me, because it is absolutely amazing! Spun Sugar smells EXACTLY like cotton candy! It's so realistic and yummy that I was instantly transported to eating cotton candy at the county fair as a kid. I love fragraces that have happy memories associated with them. :) If you are looking for a cotton candy scent that is hyper realistic and strong without being sickly sweet or cloying, CP Spun Sugar is a sure winner! It's a couple hours after I applied it and I'm still catching wonderful whiffs of it, so the longevity seems to be on point. Overall grade: A+. Would purchase.

Overall I am extremely impressed with my HoG order and the products I received are high quality and uniquely scented. As long as my missing perfumes issue is resolved satisfactorily, I would be happy to order from HoG again. I emailed them yesterday; no response yet, but will keep you all updated.

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