Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Can-Do Candles & Waxy Goodness

I do not recall receiving a CSN, so I was so excited when it arrived unexpectedly today. I am so thrilled with my first Can-Do order experience. Donna is the sweetest.

Cold sniff thoughts:

Midnight Pomegranate: A very good BBW dupe! Juicy blackberries and pomegranate mixed with sensual musk. Lovely and strong.

Vanilla Amber: This one smells more like pachouli insense to me, and a bit artificial. I hope the creaminess of the vanilla amber combo comes out more when melting. Fairly strong.

Hay Day: More grassy, green, and fresh than hay-like to me, but I find it pleasant. Strong.

Cup A' Chai Tea: To me this is very nutty with a hint of chai spices. Interested to see how it will be when melting. Strong.

Starbucks: really great coffee cappuccino scent with perhaps just a hint of caramel. Smells like a Starbucks to me! Yummy and strong.

Mom's Homemade Brownies: super strong fudgy chocolate scent. This one may lean artificial when melting.

Cookie Butter Crack: Totally smells like cookie dough and butterscotch! Amazing and strong.

Creme Brûlée Cupcake: Creamy and sugary sweet, but a tad artificial. Fairly strong.

Orange Blossom Magnolia: Smells like a floral laundry detergent to me. Not my usual type of scent, but it's fairly pleasant and strong. Hope it will not be overwhelming when melting.

Pink Coconut: Dead on pink sugar perfume dupe with a slight hint of creamy coconut. Love it! Strong.

Coconut Lime Vebena: Fairly similar coconut lime fragrance but not a dead on dupe for the BBW scent IMO. Strong and pleasant; will be interested to see how it smells when melting.

Coconut Milk & Lavender: mainly a strong herbal lavender. I find that lavender tends to overpower most creamy scents in these types of blends for me.

Rose Jam Type: Right now I'm just getting super strong, fresh roses and not much sweet lemon like I do with other rose jam scents. A great authentic rose, but I'm not sure if it's a rose jam dupe.

Strawberry Roses: Wow, this smells like a strawberry rosè type wine; it's amazing! Equal parts sweet candied strawberry with strong rose; an excellent blend.

Rose Beans: Very realistic with the perfume of a rose garden and green freshness of a vegetable garden combined; amazing!

Lavender Twinkies: Although lavender is still the prominent note, this blend does a better job of adding the fluffy sweetness of Twinkies. Very nice and strong; glad she included it!

Bedtime Bath: baby powder and soap. Not exactly my forte, but more pleasant than other similar scents I've smelled. Fairly strong.

I also received some other waxy scents I had been coveting in the mail today.

Beezy Apple Clove Butter (yaaass!): Rich, smooth cinnamon spiced apple pies, super strong! Very excited to melt this.

Candy Panda Fizzy Soda: Super realistic and strong lemon lime soda. I can almost feel the carbonation! Impressive.

SGA Hello Lavender Pink Coconut: Perfect equal blend with top notes of sweet creamy coconut, middle notes of pink sugar, and bottom notes of mellow lavender. Amazing!

Rose Girls Scoopable Wax in Pink Lavender Peppermint: Sweet peppermint with hints of spicy sweet pink sugar and calming lavender. Very nice and fairly strong.

Whew, my sniffer is worn out. Thanks for reading!

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