Sunday, March 27, 2016

Recent Wax Reviews

Mainstays Cotton Candy candle: 
This popular new candle for spring has had mixed reviews. Some report strong throw and others light, so I had to try it for myself. For me this is a nice sweet cotton candy scent which has light to moderate throw. I catch delicious whiffs of this candle, but only when I'm near it. It does not seem to fill up the room with scent. It is still a nice accent candle to burn with other scents and for only $3 is not a huge disappointment. Overall grade: B. Might repurchase.

Scentsationals Pink Velvet: Another popular scent for spring that I was happy to finally find. To me this is a sweet pink sugar/bakery/citrus blend that is cheerful and delicious. I find it captivating; I've not smelled another blend quite like it. It had fairly strong throw in my small rooms and lasted all day. Very impressed! Overall grade: A. Would repurchase.

Can Do Starbucks:
I was very excited to try this often raved about coffee blend from Can-Do Candles as I love coffee scents. I like it a whole lot, but am not absolutely in love with it. I think I was expecting it to be more of a strong, freshly ground black coffee bean scent like what greets you upon walking into a Starbucks. To me it was a sweet, mild coffee aroma with hints of cream and cinnamon. It was a decent performer, it had fairly long to moderate throw that was noticeable all day, but I would have liked it to be a little stronger. Still a very nice scent, but I have a couple coffee tarts I like more. Overall grade: B+. Might repurchase.

Can Do Lavender Twinkies: 
This is a winner for me. I love that this is a mellow, creamy lavender instead of being strongly herbal, and it's absolutely divine blended with the sponge pastry and cream filling of the Twinkie. A spot on scent in my opinion. It had had decent throw for the past few hours. Overall grade: A. Would repurchase.

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