Thursday, March 31, 2016

Front Porch Candle Co Order

Cold Sniff Thoughts:

Rose Milk: A creamy sugared floral scent with a hint of bubblegum. Not distinctly rose, but yummy and strong.

S'mores: Realistic cinnamon graham crackers with a bit of chocolate. Yummy; hope the chocolate and marshmallow will come through more when melting. Strong.

Pink Marshmallow Birthday Cake: some pink sugar and spice with vanilla bakery. Very accurate and strong so far.

Sandalwood: creamy, mellow sandalwood. Very nice. Moderate.

Blueberry Pumpkin Vanilla Noel: so unique; love it. Blueberry muffins with a touch of pumpkin spice. Strong.

Satsuma Warm Vanilla Sugar: mmmm... to die for! Strong, brigh orange tempered with just a bit of vanilla extract and brown sugar. Super strong!

Caramel Latte Pumpkin Waffle: another favorite! Such a delightful caramel coffee scent with a hint of pumpkin spice and bakery. Amazing and super strong!

Root beer float: Quite realistic and yummy! Fizzy root beer soda and creamy melting vanilla ice cream. Strong.

Apricot Lemon Vanilla Birthday Cake:
terrific blend: equal parts tart lemon, fresh apricot and vanilla cake. So good and strong!

Overall very happy with my first FP order. Shipping took about 10 days, but I really love that it's free. Totally worth the wait and lack of free samples. Plus I was sent several emails to keep me notified of my order status, so excellent customer service! I love not having to wonder where my stuff is. Would definitely order again; can't wait to melt some of these babies!

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