Friday, March 11, 2016

Products OTD Reviews

Today I am wearing C is for Cookie Double Butter body cream from Mad City Soap on Etsy. This is a sample of a rich luxurious body butter that smells like yummy butter cookies with hints of rich brown sugar and gooey marshmallow. The scent is fabulous and performance wise the body butter is wonderfully smooth, sinks in quickly with no residue, and is very moisturizing. This product is comparable to one of my favorite body butters, Cocoa Pink's Marshmallow Cake on Mondays coco mango body butter. The scent is slightly lighter, but they both linger for a couple hours, which is nice. I would be very interested to try more products from this brand. Overall grade: A. Might purchase.

Cocoa Pink Boo Boo Lemon Noel perfume: I have a linen spray in this scent and I love it; I spray it on my pillow almost every night and it's a comforting scent to fall asleep to. However, I do not like it quite as well for body care products. On me, the opening lemon note is too sharp at first and almost smells like cat urine. It's too overwhelming at first, but mellows out after about 15 minutes and the vanilla comes through more. The drydown is ok, but I don't love it. I will stick to this scent for room fragrance; I don't care for it on me, even though it is a lovely lemon vanilla blend overall. Overall grade: B. Would not purchase in perfume oil.

Moonalisa Strawberry Milkshake lip butter: I quite like this balm. The texture in the tube is much more firm than most lip balms I've tried. It glides on smoothly and seems to warm up and soften with body warmth to be very moisturizing. I like that it's not an overly slick or greasy texture on the lips. It has a light and pleasant creamy strawberry scent and flavor. Overall grade: A. Might purchase.

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