Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nail Related Vacation Highlights

Having an absolute blast in Vegas! Travel photo post to follow soon. Travel is a nightmare on hands and nails though. I'm glad I received a mini bubblegum scented cuticle oil from Native War Paints right before I left. It is the perfect size to pack, and the fact that it's brush on makes it really quick and easy to apply. Nice scent too.

 I haven't had time to change my mani; I've just been touching up Bonita Golden Girl. That's what I love about glitter; wears like iron and even when it does chip it's easy to make it look nice again. Plus the sparklies always impress; I got compliments from the nice SA's in the Lush store. :)

I'm staying at my cousin's which is way cooler than a hotel because Sadie the cat helps me do my nails.😻

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