Thursday, March 10, 2016

Recent Fragrance Reviews

HoG Peach Mama Perfume Oil:
Both in the vial and immediately when applied Peach Mama has top notes of juicy spiced peaches in heavy syrup, followed closely by musky pachouli insense. I find this fragrance very unique, complex, and intriguing, and I quite like it on me. It has moderate silage and lasted about 3 hours on me. I feel like this could be a very polarizing scent; it might go very bad with some people's body chemistry, but fortunately it works on me. I'm not absolutely in love with it, but I like it a lot and it's very representative of the complexity of many of HoG's scents to me. This is the only HoG perfume oil I have tried as the perfume oils I ordered are missing and this was a free sample that happened to be included in my order. I'm getting quite nervous that it has been four days since I contacted HoG about my missing items and they haven't responded. I do hope this is resolved quickly. Overall grade: A. Might purchase.

Alchemic Muse Amber Crush Perfume Oil:
This is probably one of the strangest fragrance experiences I've ever had. I have never tried any Alchemic Muse products before and I normally love amber fragrances, so I was excited to try this one. To me this smells absolutely nothing like amber. It is dull and mealy on me. This is going to sound odd, but to me this scent smells almost exactly like Milkbone dog biscuits! I was very curious to know what it was supposed to smell like, so looked up the scent description on the AC website: "A purely indulgent and deeply sensual treat! Precious golden amber resins crushed together with dark patchouli and sweetened with a veil of bourbon vanilla."
I love all these scent notes and I cannot emphasize enough how it does not smell like any of these things to me.
I'm glad this was a free sample vial sent to me by a friend, because if I had ordered this and it smelled this way I would have been very disappointed. Admittedly I do not know the history of this vial, so it could be old and have turned "off" somehow. Or it could just be a scent that doesn't work for my nose and chemistry. Fragrance is a fickle mistress. I would be very interested to hear thoughts on this fragrance from anyone who has tried it.
Overall grade: D. Would not purchase.

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