Sunday, January 8, 2017

Tea Me!

I've always been an avid tea drinker but I usually tend to just pick up my favorite flavors from a few readily available brands at the grocery store.
I shared my dessert teas haul with you in my last post, but now I thought I'd do another little post and ask for some tea recommendations.
I feel another addiction coming on...
If I'm not going to buy polish and wax or eat things doused in sugar, I'm damn well going to buy some fancy teas, haha!

So what are your favorite tea brands and flavors? I've tried a lot of flavors from Bigelow and Celestial Seasonings. I just discovered Harney & Sons; anything along those lines? I love that vanilla black tea from Trader Joe's but I don't get there very often unfortunately. I've heard good things about David's Teas; any recs? Also open to iced teas or any other tasty drinks that are low in sugar (nothing diet though, bleh.) Thanks friends!


  1. Friend, I can tea you all day long. I will send you some :-) I am loving Lupicia teas (they have some on clearance) and Tea Bella and Teavana has some nice ones too. Do you have a steeper or are you using tea bag teas only?

    1. Aww, that's too sweet! I'll look into those brands. I don't have a tea steeper right now; I should really pick one up.

  2. Yes, tea is an awesome indulgence and good substitute addiction. I suggest Republic of Tea, request a catalog because you get a free tea sample with every issue! They have unbleached teabags, looseleaf and iced teas. Adagio and Teavana are quality also, if you can get to a Teavana store, you can sample a lot of blends before you buy. As far as grocery store, have you tried Bigelow's vanilla caramel? I can even do that one in decaf. My store carries Canada's popular Red Rose tea, I've always liked their English Breakfast, but I don't know if they have flavors. If you wanna branch out to green teas, Lupton green tea with honey can be found at the store and is smooth.
    P.S. Please share any good tea finds here or on IG and I'll do the same:)