Tuesday, January 3, 2017

All Things Iridescent

I've been really into collecting nail polishes and creating nail art for the past two years or so. My favorite finishes are the sparkliest and most captivating ones possible. Glitters, holos, flakies, multichromes; I love them all! 
Just recently though, my passion for all things iridescent crossed over into clothes and accessories too...great...more must haves to drain my wallet.
All of the following shiny gloriousness *may* in fact be on its way to me right now.
Rebecca Minkoff Bag: with sales and coupons I got it for 65% off plus a free gold wristlet gift with purchase!
Starbucks Cold Cup $25 A little pricy for a mug but I love it and use it every day.

Skirt and bag from ASOS: $50 and $25

Ballet Flats from USADawgs.com for only $12.99!

And of course some super sparkly polishes from F.U.N. Lacquer. This is a pricy indie brand but they have some of the most spectacular holos and multichromes I've ever seen! Very high quality. Currently 17% off through January 8th with code HEY2017!

Yeah... honestly all this stuff is the reason I'm on a no buy now, but I'm thinking it will totally be worth it! Can't wait to share items with you as they arrive!

Are their certain types of items you just can't resist? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Whenever I see something olde worldy or medievalish, I always have that 'Gotta have it!' urge. I've mentioned here and there that someday I'll have a medieval themed room in my house, but so far that hasn't happened and I've only bought small, inexpensive trinkets.


  2. Yes, please, I'll take the skirt, the silvery purse and the shoes! That skirt is so awesome, gorgeous. I can't remember the brand, but last year I ran across these metallic, colour-shifting flats (the kind you can ball up and shove in your purse) and they were over $300. Very pretty, but you know what happens to flats - you wear the sides off. Or you ball them up in your bag and the finish comes off that way. These shoes represent a MUCH better value (and just idea, period) than the $300 guys.