Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Book Review: Love Without Limits

 In Matthew 5:38–48 Jesus says, “When you love without limits, you are like God.” 

A very inspiring story, well written with great humility. Nick's wife Kanae also interweaves her thoughts into the book which adds great depth. 
Nick starts his journey talking about his hopes and dreams and disappointments in his journey in finding his soul mate. He’d love to have a family. Then he met Kanae, their courtship, preparation for their wedding and their bundle of joy.
I love their sense of humor and how they walk out their faith walk. The authors give tips for keeping it cool before marriage. 
They had planned to travel the world together the first year of marriage. They talked about 2013 Worldwide tour of 20 countries. Nick was excited to have Kanae along for the adventure. But 3 months in this married couple learned they were pregnant and adjustments to their dreams needed to be made.

In the book, Nick and Kanae tell the amazing account of their relationship beginning with their first meeting. Continuing with their courtship, engagement, marriage and early parenthood, they share their delightful tale of how God brought them together. This would be a typical love story except that Nick was born without arms or legs. For understandable reasons, he doubted that he would ever marry. An internationally known speaker and author, Vujicic is open and honest about his disability, his struggle with rejection, loneliness, and the extra challenges. Being of mixed heritage and coming from a broken home, Kanae is also vulnerable as she shares her insights about marriage and motherhood. As a couple, they draw from their personal experiences to help those who are looking for love as well as those who are newly married and want a loving relationship that lasts.
Love Without Limits is told in humorous and heartwarming fashion. There is no doubt that Nick is a gifted communicator who identifies well with those who have physical disabilities and those who have been hurt in relationships. Because of his faith in God, and in spite of the pain and frustration he has experienced, he has made the conscious choice to maintain a positive attitude. His anecdotes about his engagement and his wedding day make the book a fairly quick read. 
One of the greatest strengths of this book is the foundational truth that marriage isn’t about getting your needs met but, rather, about putting your spouse’s needs before your own. Another strong aspect is the detailing of warning signs or patterns of behavior in a prospective spouse. Marriage is hard work even when both parties are pulling in the same direction, but can be devastating if there are pre-nuptial problems that aren’t dealt with properly and surface in unmet expectations. To their credit, the Vujicics reiterate that they are not marital or parental experts, as their marriage is still young. However, most of the advice they impart is valuable.
Told from a Christian perspective, this book is helpful for Christians and non-Christians alike. The Vujicics draw on many biblical principles as they share strategies to maintain strong relationships in the midst of life’s challenges.
Overall I enjoyed this non-fiction work and would receive it to others. I wish I had read something like this when I was a newlywed.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Cool, I love Nic's TED talks and inspiring speeches, what a graceful, loving human being.