Sunday, January 8, 2017

January 2017 Goals Progress: Week 1

Since it's a new year and there are some things I'd like to find the motivation to accomplish in 2017, I have been sharing some of my past struggles and some steps I would like to take towards better health and finances this year. I would like to report on my progress this week and also share a small list of some other general goals I'd like to accomplish.

As far as my no buy is concerned, I have not made any purchases other than groceries and necessary toiletries and home supplies, yay! I haven't bought anything online and I have been trying to quickly scroll past anything online that might normally catch my interest. I saved a couple of links for things to revisit at a later time, but for the most part I haven't been too tempted. I have been enjoying using and reviewing the items I already have. It doesn't hurt that I'm still receiving packages of goodies that I bought before the no buy began. Opening up boxes of new pretties certainly helps combat the withdrawals from not clicking "add to cart," haha! I'm sure the true test will begin when I don't have any new items to excitedly await. 

I just hope this will help me practice mindful spending and teach me to be content with what I have. I don't want February 1st to roll around and me to go crazy shopping again because I was feeling deprived. Ideally I'd like to be content with budgeting for just a couple special purchases per month and no longer have any guilt associated with spending. I am glad I feel pretty mellow about my no buy so far; it gives me hood that I have some sort of will power/self control.

I'm also feeling ok so far about my goals to cut back on sugar and eat more well balanced meals. After I polished off all the leftover Christmas goodies, I didn't get anymore sweets on my most recent grocery trip a few days ago.
For lunch and snacks I've generally been eating a couple salami slices, cracked whole wheat sourdough bread, low fat string cheese, and mini dill pickles. To combat the sweet tooth I've been having bananas, fresh strawberries and applesauce. The sweet cravings are the most difficult part; I often find myself daydreaming about chocolate and gooey pastries, haha. I imagine it will take me a few weeks to "detox" off super addictive sugary foods and hopefully the cravings will lessen. I am only drinking water and unsweetened teas right now. Pure Leaf Unsweetened Iced Teas with lemon have been my drink of choice with meals. They taste pretty decent and help me miss my super sweet Snapple Peach tea less.

Trying new tea flavors has actually been really fun for both my diet and my no buy because I get to have both an inexpensive shopping splurge that is justified as a necessity, and also decadent beverages that aren't high in sugar. For hot teas to drink whenever the mood strikes I recently picked up these "dessert" teas for $3-$5 each at Walmart. I've tried them all and my favorite is the chocolate because it tastes the sweetest and, well, the most like a dessert, haha! It's very unique and I'd recommend it.

Dinner is the area in which I really need to improve the most. I'm prone to eating a bunch of super quick to boil type things when I'm home alone such as oriental ramen noodles or frozen items like spinach raviolis and pork potstickers. While not the absolute worst things for me, I could still use some more diverse dinners that are less processed and provide better nutritional value. My main goals here will be to stop being lazy and actually cook, incorporating more fresh veggies into my diet.
As far as eating out, hubby and I usually do so about twice a week, on his days off when were out running errands or having fun.
I don't feel too terrible about my eating out choices this week: a couple slices of a hand tossed pizza loaded with veggies, bacon and feta cheese, and a traditional Mexican enchilada meal with rice and beans. Probably not particularly low calorie, but at least they has all the food groups. All the delicious ones anyway, ha! I do feel good about my portion sizes, only having two slices of pizza, and not finishing all the rice and beans on the plate meal. Eating slowly and savoring your food so that your brain will properly signal you when you're full and you can stop eating is an important part of balanced nutrition.
It certainly beat a greasy burger and fries meal anyway.

Overall I'm feeling cautiously optimistic that I can stick with a few small habit changes in 2017 and maybe feel better overall.

My bloggy friend Julie over at at The Redolent Mermaid has shared these really cool bucket lists for the past couple years and I'm always amazed at how much she accomplishes! Most of them seem to be rather realistic and attainable but so well thought out. I love that her goals are predominantly about living in the moment and enriching every day with a fun experience by trying something new. That's something I definitely need more of in my own life so I was inspired to put together my own short list.

Try at least one new recipe or revisit an old favorite every week.
Read at least 2 books per month.
Travel abroad.
Get another tattoo.
Keep up with blogging; post several times a week.
Create a household budget and savings goals.
Read God's Word daily.
Have a professional massage and/or spa day.
Visit relatives I haven't seen in a while and keep in better contact with my good friends.
Learn techniques to relax and let go of worries.
Learn sewing basics and complete a project.
Write a poem.

These are all I can think of for now. I'll report back if I cross anything off the list or if I can think of anything to add. Do you have any goals you're actively pursuing? A habit you'd like to change? A new skil you'd like to learn or new experience to have?

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  1. Yes! Tea! I love how you found a nice substitute for your sugar cravings. I am a total sweet tooth too and struggle with the sugar addiction. Diabetes scares the poop out of me so I really want to try and curtail that. I am turning to teas too. I love your list of things to do this year! A massage would be soooo nice. I hope you can squeeze that in. I have not had one of those since I was pregnant with Savanna. I had a prenatal massage. It was bliss. Keep up the good work!! You totally have this.