Thursday, January 5, 2017

Band Of Bloggers: January 2017 Volume 13

Hello, dear friends! We all here at the Band of Bloggers would like to welcome you to a brand new year. We hope it will be full of good health and much happiness, and of course a plethora of fragrance. 

Let's kick off the new year but asking what your fragrant plans are for 2017. Are you trying new vendors, going on a low-buy or no-buy, or planning on burning more candles? Do you dream of new wax blends, trying out incense or something entirely different? Are perfumes, indie bath and body or artisan body care on your list? Or do you plan on making your own home made brews?

My spending for 2016 was a bit out of control, so I've decided to do a no buy for wax, nail polish and clothes at least for the month of January. If it goes well I may continue it, or make a couple special purchases in February. 
I'm very excited to start melting through my enormous stash and I enjoyed doing some daily themed wax melting challenges last year, so I am continuing to participate in two of them created by some wax Facebook pages. If you are interested in participating in a wax melting challenge too; I have the January themes posted on my Instagram @ThriftyPolished, or leave a comment below and I will give you the links to the Facebook groups.
I am also pondering doing more custom scent blends with different vendors and I have one coming in the mail that I ordered before my no buy. I will be excited to share that with you readers!

And do tell us what your aromatic plans and goals for 2017 include!

We, sadly, have had a few bloggers lay down their pens. And they will be deeply missed. However, we are welcoming some new bloggers to this motley and aromatic group. 


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  1. Good luck on your no-buys! That's a lot of favorite areas to ban yourself from. You'll be twitching by mid-month! lol

    Looking forward to what types of blends you might create. I'm soooo not a custom blender. I wait and see what sounds good from everyone else and then copy it. LOL


  2. Great plan! Enjoy what you have and melt, empty those polish bottles and strut your old duds in new ways. Waxmelting challenges sound fun. What a great way to get to melting!

  3. Oooh, it's so exciting to shop your own stash! It's how I keep myself going when I get that itch to order even though I know I have more than enough. LOL Best of luck on your no buy! May your special purchases be wonderful!

    I'm excited to see what custom blends you concoct. I can't wait to steal-I mean, borrow your blends! ;)