Friday, April 29, 2016

Thoughts on 2nd Kitty's Konfections Order

Cold Sniff thoughts-

Victorian Tea Shop (almond macaroon + tea & cakes):
I adore this one; it's as scrumptious as I thought it would be! There is a rich, warm bakery aroma with a hint of black tea leaves, mixed with a sweet nuttiness from the almond cookie. Strong and delicious!

Amanda's Aspiration:
I'm so glad to have this one; it is also exactly as I'd hoped. Delicious fresh citruses blended with sweet pink bubblegum. Fairly strong.

Pink Panties:
Top notes of sweet and spicy pink sugar with the slightest hint of strawberry and the warm bakery aroma of tea & cakes. So yummy; moderate scent.

Another winner; it has all the aromas of the traditional Serendipity type scent; especially the almond and sweet cherry notes. There is an extra bit of sweet creaminess from the sugar milk. I love it! Strong.

Free sample-
Tropic Escape (pineapple mojito):
This is very yummy; smells just like a Pina colada with fresh pineapple juice and sweet coconut milk. No boozy note detected. Strong.

I am quite happy with my two Kitty's Konfections orders and hope to place an order from her Cirque De Solil themed restock at the end of May. Once again my order had very quick shipping and excellent customer service. I was not able to get every scent I wanted due to the Hunger Games style opening where everything sells out quickly, but I'm ok with that. It saved me money in the long run as I've been ordering way too much wax lately.

Update on the scents I've melted from my first order. So far I have melted Briar Rose, which is a strong and glorious fresh cut rose type scent. Super happy with the strong and long lasting throw on this one and would reorder it.
I've also melted some coconut delight and although it is a yummy coconut cream pie and cherry scent, the throw was rather light. I mentioned this to Kitty and she recommended letting it cure for a few more weeks; so I will revisit that scent later.
I look forward to melting more of my Kitty's Konfections scents; I think I will try Toucan Sam next!

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