Friday, April 8, 2016

NOTD: Gray Holo

I'm trying to narrow down my A England cart and I really like Wuthering Heights, but I immediately thought I could dupe it. Turns out the only gray creme I have is NYC Sidewalkers so I did 2 coats of that with a thin coat of Revlon Holographic Pearls (HP is a wonder polish!) Obviously I didn't create a close dupe; the gray in Wuthering Heights is much darker with a slight mauvey hue. But I really like what I did create and it's satisfied my craving for a gray holo for now.

It was cloudy while trying to take these pics, so in a nod to Wuthering Heights I officially name this polish combo Stormy Plains. :) I also threw in accent nail of 2 coats Pure Ice True Love's Kiss because it's such a pretty shimmery pastel.

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