Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Recent Wax Reviews

Front Porch Apricot Vanilla Lemon Birthday Cake:
A truly superb blend! Both on cold sniff and when melting I could smell each of the notes individually and they all blended well into a heavenly aroma. Top notes of ripe apricots dripping with juice, middle notes of lemon and vanilla bean curd, bottom notes of freshly baked vanilla cake. This tart was also an excellent performer with strong throw that lasted a good 10 hours. Always yummy and never cloying. I am very happy with all the Front Porch scents I've melted so far. Overall grade: A+. Would repurchase.

Scentsationals Dazzling Sky- Sky Lantern and Amythest Sky:
this was a very intriguing and unique scent combo. Sky Lantern was a warm amber and Amythest Sky to me was a sweet, dusky plum with prominent hints of musk. I loved these mixable scents together; they really worked in harmony. The throw was not quite as strong as I am used to from the Scentsationals brand. I would say it had moderate throw for 8 hours or so. Overall grade: A-. Might repurchase.

SGA Avobath Noel:
This was a glorious combo of two of my favorite dupe scents; Avobath from Lush and Vanilla Bean Noel from BBW. I had never tried the two together before, but the combo turned out to be wonderful! I got fresh green citruses from the Avobath and gorgeous vanilla bean bakery notes from the VBN. An excellent combo and scent dupe. Not to mention it had super strong throw all day and into day 2. I'm always impressed with the stellar throw of Sassy Girl Aroma chunk tarts. I definitely need more. Overall grade: A+. Would purchase.

Can-Do Candles Creme Brûlée Cupcakes: I had an exceptionally good week of meltings, because this tart is also amazing! It was a bit generic vanilla on cold sniff, but when melting the creamy vanilla curd and beautiful, rich carmelized sugar tones came out. This is a mouth wateringly realistic creme brûlée scent and I feel that I want to buy all things creme brûlée now. I just started melting it a couple hours ago and the throw is strong with this one.
Overall grade: A+. Would repurchase.


  1. Hi, im new to the wax vendor business my self i'd love it if you checked out my wax
    Xoxo alex

  2. Hi, im new to the wax vendor business my self i'd love it if you checked out my wax
    Xoxo alex