Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cosmic Gems Wax Sleepytime Sampler

Cold Sniff Thoughts:

Tea Time: top notes of freshly baked sugared scones and relaxing undertones of lavender and tea leaves. Absolutely love it! Strong.

Lord's Brew: I have not smelled the original Lush Lord of Misrule scent, so I can't say if this smells similar, but it does smell wonderful! Again the prominent note is warm bakery, like tea cakes and scones. I do also detect a bit of fresh citrus. Strong.

Snuggly Sheets: Smells like Downy fabric softener and fresh, creamy rose. I don't usually care for detergent type scents, but this is delightful! It really does smell like roses and fresh sheets; a perfect blend! Strong.

Harbor Island: Heavenly! Smells just like juicy watermelon and pink sugar. Refreshing but not overly sweet; an ideal summer scent. Strong.

Sweet Dreams: Sweet cotton candy and calming lavender go really well in this blend. I would describe it as a creamy jolly rancher. It's hard to detect the marshmallow, as it is in many blends. This scent is both sweet and relaxing. Fairly strong.

Indulge in Relaxation: This is not as strong as I thought it would be. I get the light hint of fig and brown sugar, but it's hard to detect the berry. Will definitely let this one cure for a couple weeks. Moderate.

Free samples-
Lavender Camomile Tea: a moderately herbal lavender with a bit of a sharp bitter note; maybe that's the camomile? Will let this one cure too. Moderate.

Peach Soda: Smells exactly like fizzy soda and fresh, juicy peaches! A great blend for summer; I'm glad to have it. Strong.

This was my first experience ordering from Cosmic Gems wax melts and I'm very pleased! I heard about this vendors through Instagram and had to order this Sleepytime sampler as they all sounded like scents I would love. So far I'm not disappointed; I can't wait to melt them!

The ordering process was very smooth; this was a 3 week pre order. I ordered on March 24th and received my order on April 20th so she did well on estimating the time needed for making the samplers and shipping them. I also greatly appreciate the two generous free scents. The cups appear to all be 1.5 oz size (the same as LSC's regular tarts.) For $9 + $6 shipping I would say this sampler was a good value and I wouldn't hesitate to order again.

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